Mighty Grocery Shopping List App for Android

Mighty Grocery Shopping List App video

Mighty Grocery is available for download from Google Play.


  • My Mighty Grocery site which allows online editing of shopping lists and syncing them with your handset. Just create an account using your handset and you are good to go!

Lite & Full features:

  • Multiple shopping lists. Create shopping lists the way you want it. Give a list the name of a store, or a generic category like “Groceries” or “Son’s birthday”.
  • Master lists allow grouping several specific sub-lists under one generic umbrella-list. This allows browsing several lists in one listing and make item appear in several sub-lists once it is addressed in the master list.
  • List-specific favorites to choose from items common for a specific list.
  • Multiple design themes for your viewing pleasure.
  • Add or edit items with voice. Recognizes name, price, quantity, or several items separated by “and”. Have a look at sample video.
  • Undo any change in your shopping list. It may come handy after accidental clicks or actions.
  • Product catalog of over 350 records to quickly add items from Pick list and through Search.
  • Pick list organizes product catalog into aisles and allows adding items into shopping list with one click.
  • Favorites allow adding your regular item to a shopping list with a single click.
  • History remembers your recent purchases.
  • Group by aisles items in shopping list and in Pick list. Aisles can be customized per list.
  • Send shopping list via email, SMS, or any app on your phone which supports text messaging.
  • Price, quantity, units tracking.
  • Configurable buttons on home screen. Just touch a button and move right/left to change action.
  • Translation into German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Finnish.
  • …and more

Premium features available in Full version only:

  • List Sync & Backup.
  • Barcode scan.
  • Compare prices.
  • Recipes.
  • Configurable tabs.
  • Screen/Rotation lock.

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