Mighty Grocery Preview: Android shopping list gets better and better

Android Shopping List

It’s been almost a week since we published our android shopping list Mighty Grocery for a public preview. I would like to thank everyone for your feedback and support.

Today, with v0.6 release, I would like to share some new shopping list features which get us closer to a beta release. Here they are:

  1. Tabs on top of shopping list. Never get lost again and reach shopping Favorites with one click. Though you might miss “Go to list” button on Favorites page, you can always switch to current list with a “List” tab.
  2. Sidebar allows to configure shopping list to your taste. If you long press Green Plus and Microphone buttons, they will jump from the main bar to the sidebar. If you open shopping list sidebar and long click one of those buttons, they will get back to main bar.
  3. Improved performance. We placed data update routines in background so you can enjoy a super-fast shopping list UI while data gets saved behind the scenes.
  4. Bouncing new items. Never have problems with locating just added items. They will keep bouncing in shopping list until you see them.
  5. Background tasks indicator. Will you guess where we’ve hidden it?

Edit Item of Shopping List in Mighty Grocery

For the next week we have couple of extra features:

  1. Add/Modify Aisles.
  2. Pick items from catalog.

And for the full version we will be delivering

  1. Barcode scans.
  2. Instant list sharing.

As a side note: shopping list sharing via email is available right away. In contrast, the full version will allow instant synchronization of shopping lists on two devices.

As always, we are glad to hear back. So never hesitate to contact us if you have even a couple of words for us.

Your Mighty Pocket Team.

Shopping List Mighty Grocery QR Code

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4 Responses to Mighty Grocery Preview: Android shopping list gets better and better

  1. Jim Kelly says:

    when will full version be coming out? and will it be upgradable through android market?

    • Alex says:

      Jim, thanks for you interest. I anticipate the full version this week if everything goes as planned. And yes, it will be upgradable through the market.

      For the record, we are currently busy with making transition from Lite to Full version easy and painless so that any lists/history created in Lite version will be available in Full version as well.

  2. Sebastián Porta says:

    The app looks amazing but I can’t find it in the Market in Argentina.
    Could you do something about this?

    • Alex says:

      Hi, Seba. Great to hear you like the app.

      For the record, there are no any restrictions on app availability by country. Though sometimes apps (not only Mighty Grocery) are not accessible for some strange reasons. We are going to try couple of suggestions in a new release which is anticipated by the end of this week. So you may wish to try searching for Mighty Grocery on the Market again shortly.

      Anyhow, I will appreciate if you could provide some details about your phone model, carrier and Android OS Version. This will help us narrow the problem in the future and probably find a solution. In respect to your privacy I will be contacting you by email. Though it’s up to you whether you wish to respond to this request or not.

      Thanks again and all the best!

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