Mighty Grocery Shopping List Version 2.7

The new update of Mighty Grocery is available for download. New features include:

Version 2.7

  1. Reorder items manually. Drag-n-drop of items, lists, recipes, ingredients, products. Activate Edit mode and grab item on the right side to re-order.
  2. Per-list grouping and sorting options
  3. UI enhancement in Edit mode.
  4. Auto Full screen when rotating device into landscape mode.
  5. Configure Pick list UI enhancement: drag-drop, filter.
  6. Enhanced Settings > Options structure.
  7. Fix for Eclair (Android 2.1)
  8. Other small fixes and improvements.

Version 2.1

  1. Photos of items, shopping lists, recipes. Photos can be picked from gallery or taken with handset camera. Full version.
  2. Backup on SD Card happen automatically or can be run manually. 5 latest backups are saved on SD card and any of them can be restored. (Lite&Full) Latest backup can be saved on cloud automatically. (Full version)
  3. Automatic backup and restore when you change handset or reinstall, the app will attempt to restore backup from Android’s Backup Service (Android 2.3+ and only if supported by device).
  4. Postpone items from shopping list until next checkout: long-tap –> Postpone. Postponed items can be listed underĀ Side menu –> Filter –> Postponed.
  5. Store reward card number can be saved in list’s comment field or card barcode photo can be attached as photo to your list.
  6. Text size option of item name, comments, price, and quantity in shopping list.
  7. Show checkbox option allows you to hide checkbox in shopping list to have more real estate for item photo.
  8. Language option allows changing application language independently from handset language setting.
  9. Fixed animation for new item on ICS+
  10. Fixed error when using scanners other than Barcode Scanner
  11. Other small fixes and improvements.

Join the Mighty Grocery Beta Testing group to be the first to try out our new features and get involved in feature discussions!

We look forward to hearing your comments.

Your Mighty Pocket Team.

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2 Responses to Mighty Grocery Shopping List Version 2.7

  1. Vickie says:

    Since I downloaded the new version I’m constantly battling w/the full screen feature. I don’t want the full screen and have to continually choose “exit full screen” setting. Is there a place where I can turn off the full screen feature?

    • Alex says:

      Vickie, I apologize for the inconvenience. There is an option to control Auto Full Screen in the next update. The next update is now in beta testing and should be published soon. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

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