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  1. jhys says:

    pourriez vous prévoir l’export et l’import au format csv
    ce qui permettrez d’ajouter des articles et modifier ceux ci plus rapidement

    could you provide export and import csv
    which allow you to add and edit those items it faster

  2. ZenHuggs says:

    I would really like it if I could collapse an aisle, particularly in my pantry, so I can easily locate whether I have an item or not without needing to do so much scrolling. If that feature is added, perhaps you could add a collapse all button for quickly bringing the pantry or list down to the aisle headings so the user can then open the one or two he or she wants to look in. In all, I love your app and recommend it all the time, thanks!

    • Alex says:

      Thanks for your feedback! We will consider adding ability to collapse aisles in lists and Pantry going forward. In the meantime it is only available in Pick list. Thanks again!

  3. Bonsai says:

    It would be nice if the scan codes would also be synchronized

  4. Stacy Burr says:

    I love your app and how easy it is to edit on my phone and online. But, I wonder if there is a way to edit and add details like coupons, discounts and the aisles on my PC?

  5. ANTREAS says:

    i can not pull lists from my account in other phone.

  6. says:

    I was using lite version initially where I was using the widget. Later I upgraded to full version and transferred the list. Now I’ve uninstalled the lite version. Surprisingly the widget is not found. Note that I’m using Go Launcher. Without Go Launcher I can see the widget.
    Can you assist me to get the Mighty Grocery widget back on Go Launcher?
    Ajit M.

    • Alex says:

      Ajit, please make sure that the app is stored on your phone, not on your SD card. Otherwise widget may not work. Also, try rebooting your handset.

  7. Donny says:

    Please include an orientation setting that will make the app display in portrait only. I hate out when my grocery list goes landscape. I can barely read anything on the list, and it’s often hard to get it back in portrait.

    • Alex says:

      Hi Donny, please try using the following option: Menu > Settings > Disable screen rotation. It will keep portrait mode if you open shopping list in portrait mode.

  8. SimonC says:

    I was under the impression that lists could be edited on the cloud but it appears that lists can only be appended. You can’t for example update your picklists or aisleor price for example.

    I take it then that the cloud is primary a conduit between devices not an alternative data entry facility with big keyboard and screen.

  9. jeff contino says:

    I have had some synch problems lately.. the current one is consistent… I have a list that I have updated and can see online.. i can log in from multiple machines and see the correct list. I have two devices using the android app, both display no error when I start nor when I hit synch… yet both devices fail to update and display an old list!

    any clue what is going on?

  10. Dimi says:

    Have you the plans and desire to develop and improve your product?
    I bought it 6 monts ago and there are many details that need to be improved…
    For example, automatic synchromization after a certain time (set in preferences). Now there is only when I start the app.
    Look at your own forum or feeds, find lots of good ideas.
    Looking forward for your feed.
    Thank you.

    • Alex says:

      Dimi, yes, the new version is now in Beta tests. Public version should be available soon.

      As for automatic sync, this is already available in MG. Polling intervals are configurable under Menu > Settings > List sync. Moreover, items should be instantly sync between devices if Auto Sync option is enabled under Menu > Settings > Accounts > (your account).

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