Frequently Asked Qustions

I got a new phone. How do I transfer grocery data?

Follow these steps:

  1. On your old phone with data:
  2. Create account on Cloud (see User’s Guide). If account is already created, assign email and password.
  3. On your new phone:
  4. Install the latest version of Mighty Grocery.
  5. Sign in to the account created on the old phone.

I purchased the app in the past. How do I download it without paying again?

When downloading from Google Play:

  1. make sure to use the same Google account which you used to purchase the app;
  2. download Full (Premium) Version of Mighty Grocery

Please note that payments are handled by Google Play and we don’t have information about what account was used to purchase Mighty Grocery.

I purchased the app but it won’t download. What should I do?

Unfortunately, this is a common issue with Android Market/Google Checkout. Below are some tips:

  1. Reboot your phone and try purchasing/downloading the app again.
  2. Try Google’s official recommendations for this case.
  3. Try contacting Google Checkout support directly.
  4. Login into your Google Checkout and check your order status. Cancel your order if it’s in “Payment declined” status and try again.
  5. Try contacting your bank to clarify the reason why the Credit Card is rejected. One of the reasons may be your Credit Card does not allow foreign currency exchange operations.
  6. Try a different Credit Card.
  7. Finally, consider switching to Mighty Grocery Special Edition and paying with PayPal.

Credit Card is not accepted or can’t find Full version at the Android Market.

Please be aware of the following Payment methods accepted by Google Checkout. Kindly note that Discover card is not accepted outside U.S., so it won’t work with Mighty Grocery as we are a Canadian company. Visa/MasterCard should work just fine.

If Mighty Grocery is not available at Android Market in your location, you may want to try downloading Special Edition version and use PayPal to upgrade.

I am going to replace my phone. Can I recover the app without needing to pay again?

Yes, as long as you use the same Google account, you will be able to restore all your paid apps including Mighty Grocery without needing to pay again. See this forum thread.

How do I enter my own item?

Click Add button (Plus) on top of your shopping list, enter the full item name when prompted, click “Add”. More details are available in Current shopping list User’s Guide.

How do I import my own product catalog?

Product catalog can be imported from CSV file using Custom Import feature. More details are available in Settings User’s Guide.

My items suddenly stopped grouping by aisles. What’s happened?

There are two options responsible for aisle grouping:

  1. Settings –> Options –> Group by aisles : should be ON in order to have items grouped by aisles
  2. All lists –> (edit your list) –> Master list : should be OFF, otherwise items will be grouped by sublists.

How do I scan barcodes?

For detailed instructions on scanning barcodes please have a look at Barcode Scans User’s Guide.

How do I assign items to multiple stores?

Please see Current shopping list User’s Guide for more details.

Ability to assign items to multiple stores and specify aisles for each store without using Master lists is under consideration in our plans.

How do I transfer grocery data from Lite to Full?

Please see Transfer data from Lite to Full for more details.

How do I make voice recognition work on my phone?

If you are getting a “speech recognition is unavailable” error message, it’s recommended to install Voice Recognition by Google and make sure your handset is connected to Internet. Also you may want to make sure that standard app such as Google Search can do voice recognition on your handset.

101 Responses to Frequently Asked Qustions

  1. Yiemona says:

    Im having issues with the coupons adding up correctly. Im not sure if its my understanding of what should be added to get the correct “total”, however Its making it hard for me to add coupons to my Items. If possible I would appreciate a detailed list on how each discount option should be applied to get the correct final price.

    For example….,Yesterday I spent over ‘5 hours’ at the Jewel Osco scanning barcodes of items to add to my cart for that trip, or to return to be purchased for the future. I will be publishing these since every item I scanned was not in the application (frustrating 😉 . However, I had a hard time getting the coupons to add up correctly on some items. I even had instances where the total would say for example $2.14 … but was supposed to be $12.24, when I would click on the total to change it, the box that popped up would say $12.24…..

    Another thing I wanted to bring to your attention was that the total at the bottom rings up how many different named items you have in your cart, but not the ‘total’ number of items you have in your account, like ‘2 or 3 Yogurts’, will just be counted as ‘1 yogurt’ in the total items count of the shopping cart. If that could be changed in the next development that would be awesome. I would love for a way to search for, or pull a price from the net, instead of having to search for it, or spend hours at every store I go to & wntwring them into the application.


    • Alex says:

      Yiemona, thanks for contacting us.

      First, kindly note that when you add a coupon to an item its total price is adjusted to reflect discount. However when you tap “Total price” field, the app will disregard discount value so that you could enter item’s total price as is. If you still have any confusion, please let me know item field values so that I could have a closer look.

      Second, the running summary counts lines in shopping list, regardless of the Qty field. Most likely no changes will be made here.

      Finally, pulling prices from online source sounds like a great idea, but unfortunately we could not find a reliable price data source. Hopefully high-quality price data source will be available eventually.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions or comments.

  2. Erika says:

    I am not able to view my list grouped by aisles anymore… I have triple checked my settings, and I should be able to view the aisles, but can’t. Please help!

  3. Josh L says:

    Hi, when I scan something is it possible to change the price so I can see the price at my local store? Also, if I were visit lets say 2 or 3 stores is it possible to somehow export an xls of the items i scanned?

    Also how do sales work? If it’s 10/$10 is there a way to note the item is on sale?

    • Alex says:

      Hi there, thanks for your question.

      After you scan an item you can set its price and it will be saved in the product database for future use. Unfortunately, there is no way to export prices in xml but we may consider this going forward.

      As for sales, you can use one of the discount types available in the app. You can use “Buy 1 get 9 free” coupon type.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions.

  4. Veronika says:

    how I can change language ?

    • Alex says:

      Veronika, kindly note that the app uses your phone’s language setting. To change it, just go to phone Home –> Menu –> Settings –> Language & Keyboard –> Select language. Also, if you’d like to use product catalog in a different language, please see Configure Pick list User’s Guide.

      • Devon says:

        No other way? I do not want to change my phone language just because of a single program. In every other app I use I can manually select the language.. why not in Mighty Grocery? :(

        • Alex says:

          Devon, unfortunately it is impossible to change language specifically for Mighty Grocery. We may consider adding this feature going forward. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

  5. angie says:

    Is there a way to sync MS on my kindle fire with my cell phone?

  6. molly says:

    How do i delete items from the favorites list and grocery lists?

  7. Tony Nath says:

    Is there any way to create sub-lists? For example, when I tap on batteries it would open the sub-list to display AA, AAA, C, D, 9 volt; each would be a separate item to be picked and checked off. Currently I have been adding each item separately. Great product.

  8. Romker says:

    Awaiting iPhone version. Great product, thx.

  9. Ben Fulghum says:

    Thank you for such a usefull Application, is there a way that I can move an item from one section to another? for example, I added Buttermilk to my list but rather than it going into the Dairy section it went to the “Other” section, I would like to move that iten and a couple of others to diferent areas of my list.

    Thank you agan.

    • Alex says:

      Hi Ben, thanks for your feedback.

      Yes, you can move any item to a different aisle. Just tap the Aisle field under Edit item tab of your item and choose the aisle you’d like to move your item to.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions.

  10. Anne says:

    I downloaded the full version of the app specifically because the description said it was capable of comparing prices between stores. I have been playing around with it for a few hour s and just can’t figure it out. Please help!

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