Plans for Mighty Grocery Shopping List App

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What to expect in the next update?

We are working on the iOS version and making it easier to sync your grocery data. In the next version of Android app, Mighty Grocery will instantly sync all changes of your grocery data to online account and between devices. And we mean all changes. Not only your shopping lists will sync, but also Pick list, Recipes, Meal Plans, History.

Due to the changes, some existing advanced sync features will not be available. First, since all data will be sync’d instantly, there is no longer need for Backup on cloud. Second, if your app was signed in to multiple accounts, all lists will be assigned to your primary account. If you wish to continue using multiple accounts you will have to re-assign them manually. Finally, it won’t be possible to selectively sync lists. I.e. all lists in the account will be sync’d. However it will be possible to create another local account and place local-only lists there.

Transition progress to the new version will require a few steps: 1) on primary device push all data to cloud; 2) on secondary handsets, pull all data from cloud. Once this is done, all changes will be instantaneous and automatic. Before transition the app will automatically create backup on your phone, so we will be able to assist you to recover your data if anything goes wrong.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding transition to the new version, feel free to contact us at

Plans going forward*:

  1. Advanced Web UI. This will also allow easier view & modification of product catalog, recipes, history. Pricing TBD.
  2. Export History and Product catalog from the app in CSV format.
  3. Recipes catalog. Integrate with existing products/sites and introduce improvements to recipe feature.
  4. Coupons.  Separate app and/or integration with existing apps.

Under consideration:

  1. Adjust shopping list subtotal. This can be manually added/subtracted amount to shopping list subtotal or applied discount.
  2. Share selected items of shopping list via email, not all.
  3. Password protect shopping lists.
  4. GPS-based notifications for items/lists.
  5. Sync notifications.
  6. Unlink all favorites/pick items.
  7. Rename “Aisle” field on Edit Item screen for some types of lists.
  8. Use either Total Price or Unit Price as primary amount (currently only Unit Price used as primary).
  9. Do not round unit price and/or allow configuring decimal places.
  10. Group items and group barcodes under product/item/umbrella.
  11. Import from SMS.
  12. Workaround for case-insensitive search for non-ACSII characters.
  13. Configurable capitalization when adding a new item.
  14. Move multiple items to a different shopping list.
  15. Group by aisles in Master list view.
  16. Group sublists under Master lists in All lists view.
  17. Configure fields which get copied for linked items.
  18. Option to sort aisles by name and/or search aisles when selecting aisle for item.
  19. Configuration option: round tax to floor/ceil/nearest.
  20. Quantity of 1/4, 1/8, etc.
  21. Integration with
  22. Predictive Details mode and “batch adding”.
  23. Configuration option of not having tax added to items’ amount in shopping list.
  24. Collapsable groups in shopping list.
  25. Show number of items in drop-down selector of shopping lists.
  26. Indicator that item in Other aisle.
  27. New widget style + number of outstanding TODO items.
  28. CRV tax


* – The planned feature list is subject to change without any notice.

374 Responses to Plans for Mighty Grocery Shopping List App

  1. jessica says:

    Hi, love what you’re doing, thnk u! Can u add a “Store” option that is set up just like the “aisle” and “unit” so I can remember where I bought it. Some things I can only get at target as nd I keep typing “target” into the product comments – little long… :) thx

  2. Doerthe says:

    Our family loves Mighty Grocery – the best shopping app ever!!
    However, after switching to new iOS phones, I have to keep carrying the old Android device since I don’t want to loose all my shopping lists. Also, it’s impossible now to exchange and ask my husband to do the shopping…. As it is announced for quite a while – could you please indicate when MG for iPhone will be released? I’m sure I’m not the only user waiting very patiently 😉
    Many thanks, D.

    • Alex says:

      Hi, Doerthe. Thank you so much for your feedback. I am so sorry for keeping you waiting for the iOS Mighty Grocery app. Creating iOS app is one of the top priorities and I hope the app will be available soon after release of iOS 7 this fall. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

      • Doerthe says:

        Hi Alex,
        Still waiting very patiently, I’m curious whether you could please share an update? Is there any progress made re. MG for iPhone? When do you expect could it be released? (I’ve just downloaded iOS7.1. and would volunteer for testing…)
        Thanks for feedback,

        • Alex says:

          Doerthe, thanks for your patience. iOS version is still work in progress. We will contact you when Beta version is available for testing.

  3. Alain Coirier says:

    In oklahoma almost everything is taxed. so a button to add tax to everything would be great. If you select that option you could select individual items that dont get taxed. like prescriptions . I think Its the only thing that doesnt. By the way Mighty Grocery is the best app ever. I get the correct amount at checkout so much that if its wrong most of the time its the cashiers fault. And Its so easy to stay in budget.
    thanx, Alain

    • Alex says:

      Hi Alain, thanks a lot for your feedback! As you may know, you can set default tax rate for new items when you tap “Tax” field and choose “Set as default”. Unfortunately, your existing items will stay unaffected. We will see what we can do going forward.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions or comments.

  4. Dorothy says:

    I have been eagerly awaiting release 3.0 because I thought it was going to have the menu planner. How much longer is the wait for that going to be?

    • Alex says:

      Dorothy, sorry for keeping you waiting. It was a long time indeed.

      We are collecting user’s opinion as to the just-released Pantry and the planned Meal Planner feature. I’d appreciate if you could share your expectations from the Planner feature with us at

      Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

  5. Liz says:

    I love the new update. I had moved a while back to another app that has a pantry feature and local store deals feature and am excited you finally got your pantry integration. If your pantry and shopping lists had a barcode scanner to add items versus just typing them in you would have me back. It is so convenient when you are out of an item and need to buy it that all you have to do is scan it. Same thing when you bring groceries home and scan them into your pantry. I hope this is something that is in the works for the near future.

    • Alex says:

      Liz, thanks for your feedback. Kindly note that Barcode scan feature is available in Mighty Grocery both for Shopping lists and Pantry. If you scan a new item, it will be added to your list. If you scan existing item, you will be prompted to choose from “Set check” or “Edit”. And when you completed your shopping trip, you could just tap Checkout, choose “Update pantry” in the Checkout summary box and all existing pantry items will be updated to 100% stock.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions or comments.

    • Paul Orton says:

      I’ve been using MG for a couple of years now and find it excellent, although I don’t fully understand everything it does. I don’t use any of the functions to do with money, just as a shopping list app. I have just discovered the pantry function which I find excellent as I can now keep track of what I have and plan meals accordingly from the supermarket. I particularly like the target quantity, which helps when shopping.

      I would love to see a function that enables you to mange your lists via the browser. This would also give a greater degree of confidence in the syncing.

  6. Kerry says:

    I think being able to use a preset budget would be very helpful

    • Alex says:

      Kerry, thank you for your suggestion. Could you please let me know a few more details as to how you’d like to use this feature? Thank you.

  7. Dmitry says:

    Many thanks for the application, it’s really great – flexible, with plenty of features and a good style.
    The only disappointing thing (for me), is a complicated process of internal (inside the app) sharing of a shopping list with another phone. I use the app with my wife, so she usually creates a shopping list on her phone and I recieve it on my phone. However the procedure of uploading the list onto my phone is very complicated and unclear – I need to go deep inside the menu to upload the list. And from time to time I get confused with that. I think there are probably a lot of people using the application in the same manner, so synchronization of shopping lists with other phones should be much easier (by one click, or even automatic).
    Or maybe I just didn’t find such an option in the app.
    Hope the feedback will be useful.

    Best regards,

  8. Patrícia says:

    Is there any way that we could paste a link of a supermarket website and the MG would create a database of the products?

  9. Bill says:


    It’s been too long since you updated the app.

    How are you coming along on:
    – the pantry application/add-on
    – the meal planner/recipe catalog

    I, for one, would be happy to pay for these apps, I’m just tired of waiting.

    • Alex says:

      Bill, sorry for keeping you waiting. The new update 2.0 should be available in a few weeks and the following update with Pantry Manager and Meal Planner is planned soon thereafter. Unfortunately, timeline for Recipe catalog is not available yet.

  10. Cindy says:

    I work at the store I use this application at so I have to make separate lists if I want to split my shopping without food spoiling which is inconvenient at the last minute. More levels of master lists and parent aisles would help. I also get an over all discount on non food items so an over all discount option for each list would be nice. And possibly a preset budgeted amount for each list would be nice for people with very tight budgets. But overall great app!

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