Plans for Mighty Grocery Shopping List App

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What to expect in the next update?

We are working on the iOS version and making it easier to sync your grocery data. In the next version of Android app, Mighty Grocery will instantly sync all changes of your grocery data to online account and between devices. And we mean all changes. Not only your shopping lists will sync, but also Pick list, Recipes, Meal Plans, History.

Due to the changes, some existing advanced sync features will not be available. First, since all data will be sync’d instantly, there is no longer need for Backup on cloud. Second, if your app was signed in to multiple accounts, all lists will be assigned to your primary account. If you wish to continue using multiple accounts you will have to re-assign them manually. Finally, it won’t be possible to selectively sync lists. I.e. all lists in the account will be sync’d. However it will be possible to create another local account and place local-only lists there.

Transition progress to the new version will require a few steps: 1) on primary device push all data to cloud; 2) on secondary handsets, pull all data from cloud. Once this is done, all changes will be instantaneous and automatic. Before transition the app will automatically create backup on your phone, so we will be able to assist you to recover your data if anything goes wrong.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding transition to the new version, feel free to contact us at

Plans going forward*:

  1. Advanced Web UI. This will also allow easier view & modification of product catalog, recipes, history. Pricing TBD.
  2. Export History and Product catalog from the app in CSV format.
  3. Recipes catalog. Integrate with existing products/sites and introduce improvements to recipe feature.
  4. Coupons.  Separate app and/or integration with existing apps.

Under consideration:

  1. Adjust shopping list subtotal. This can be manually added/subtracted amount to shopping list subtotal or applied discount.
  2. Share selected items of shopping list via email, not all.
  3. Password protect shopping lists.
  4. GPS-based notifications for items/lists.
  5. Sync notifications.
  6. Unlink all favorites/pick items.
  7. Rename “Aisle” field on Edit Item screen for some types of lists.
  8. Use either Total Price or Unit Price as primary amount (currently only Unit Price used as primary).
  9. Do not round unit price and/or allow configuring decimal places.
  10. Group items and group barcodes under product/item/umbrella.
  11. Import from SMS.
  12. Workaround for case-insensitive search for non-ACSII characters.
  13. Configurable capitalization when adding a new item.
  14. Move multiple items to a different shopping list.
  15. Group by aisles in Master list view.
  16. Group sublists under Master lists in All lists view.
  17. Configure fields which get copied for linked items.
  18. Option to sort aisles by name and/or search aisles when selecting aisle for item.
  19. Configuration option: round tax to floor/ceil/nearest.
  20. Quantity of 1/4, 1/8, etc.
  21. Integration with
  22. Predictive Details mode and “batch adding”.
  23. Configuration option of not having tax added to items’ amount in shopping list.
  24. Collapsable groups in shopping list.
  25. Show number of items in drop-down selector of shopping lists.
  26. Indicator that item in Other aisle.
  27. New widget style + number of outstanding TODO items.
  28. CRV tax


* – The planned feature list is subject to change without any notice.

374 Responses to Plans for Mighty Grocery Shopping List App

  1. Amy says:

    Is there ANY way to be able to use this on the computer? It is very tedious trying to type in everything that is available on this app with my phone.

    I LOVE this app, but it is very limiting when you can only use your phone to input data.

  2. Patrizia Schwartz says:

    Pse add edit quantity facility to adding to cart. Also when adding price for cart, the decimal should be included on the main numbers tab.

    • Alex says:

      > Pse add edit quantity facility to adding to cart

      Patrizia, I’m not sure what you mean. Could you please give a few details?

      > Also when adding price for cart, the decimal should be included on the main numbers tab.

      Kindly note that you can use any non-digit symbol as decimal separator.

  3. Brad says:

    I share a list with my wife. Is it possible for me to see the history for carts that she has checked out? It seems the only items I can find in history are those that I have checked out. The reason I want to see this is if I’m at a store and I see something we typically buy, I can check the price history to see if the current price is a good price or not compared to our purchase history for that item. Thanks.

    • Alex says:

      Brad, unfortunately, there is no way to sync History at the moment other than create backup on one handset and restore it on another. We plan to sync History and Pick list in one of the upcoming updates. Thanks for your feedback.

  4. Duane says:

    Hi, is it possible to add the best before date to products in the pantry? Then sorting by best before date or even alarms would be possible. Wouldn’t that be fantastic?

    • Alex says:

      Hi Duane, yes, it would be great. The new version of Mighty Grocery v3.1 will feature “Expiry date” field and color indication of the item with expiry date. We may be adding sort by expiry date feature going forward.

  5. Lia says:

    What about using cheftap or pepperplate. They both have api’s. :-)
    I use both of these recipe apps, and I’m sure many others do as well.

  6. Steven says:

    Anotber (<—-new way of spelling another… Lol) idea from me. I've read alot of comments about adding to your coupon feature. I would suggest using or one of the better coupon apps for add-on download or integration update. has a print coupon feature right on their website. Might throw the idea around the office and see if it catches on.

    • Alex says:

      Steven, we are investigating the best options. The seems to be open for private users, but not available for use by 3rd party apps like ours.

  7. Tim Keebortz says:

    If I could scan a coupon into your app and get alerts to its expiration date that would be amazing. Maybe scan the coupon and have the option to keep it for tracking or to add to grocery list. Just an idea. BMW, SnipSnap seems to have access to the databases. It reads store and MFG coupons already. I like your app better though.

    • Alex says:

      Hi Tim, thanks for your feedback. We have plans to improve coupons section going forward, one of the improvements to be able to access coupon database. SnipSnap seems to use user-generated content. Not sure if they have retailer’s database. Anyway, thanks for the idea.

      • Tim Keebortz says:

        I believe with your user base we could keep coupons up-to-date.
        I sure know I’d be happy to scan and add in coupons just as I do barcodes at the grocery.

        Love the app!

      • Alex says:

        Tim, thanks for the idea. We will consider it going forward. Thanks!

        • Steven says:

          You might consider using googles “goggles” integration so people can use pictures or barcodes to scan any product and then have the option to search online or add product to list. Could possibly also work alongside the integration. Please dont just scan this comment over, i mean really think of how great it would be to have the choice to take a pic of the product instead of just the barcode.

  8. Andy Lockett says:

    Sometimes when you go shopping well let’s face it, it’s pretty much everytime! Extra things get into the shopping basket. How about a budget setting, so each time you go shopping, set a budget then you can see how much is left. Hope this makes sense

    • Alex says:

      Hi Andy, thanks for your feedback and suggestion. We will consider adding budget option going forward. In the meantime you may want to use running total in the bottom of screen to plan your budget while shopping. Please let me know if you have any further questions or comments.

  9. Lia says:

    Would it be possible to allow importing from other app/web ie: text file? I use a couple of recipe apps that are already packed full of recipes. It would be nice to export from my recipe app and import to this app prior to going shopping.

    This is definitely my favourite shopping list app. Keep up the great work!

    • Alex says:

      Hi Lia, thanks so much for your feedback. Unfortunately, there is no way to import recipes at the moment but we may consider this feature in one of the upcoming updates. Please let me know if you have any further questions or comments.

      • Steven says:

        Ok so I have a great idea for this obstacle and you gain a new business partner! How about adding a downloadable add-on or just an update that adds a full integration of the app known as “allthecooks recipes” it is one of the best recipe apps there are with tons of features and it’s a free app (they might have a paid version that you could use as a paid add-on). Their website is, check it out! :)

        • Alex says:

          Steven, the allthecooks website looks great, but there does not seem to be an API so that our app could integrate.

          • Steven says:

            Ahh.. Well im not that tech savy to know what that means but it was just an idea, if it cant work then it cant work.

          • Steven says:

            I just googled api. Yea maybe that would make things a bit difficult. Well that sucks because it is such an awesome app with so many features. I mean even if there was an app better than yours for shopping lists this one would leapfrog past it with a full integration of such a great service. Add that to my google goggles idea and my idea (and maybe a price comparison feature) and you would literally have the ultimate shopping/saving app in existence… Period.

          • Alex says:

            True. Hopefully your ideas will come to life in the future.

  10. Matt73160 says:

    I find this app to be incredibly handy, and it’s also great for my “off-label” purpose. I was hit by a tornado, and I’ve been using this app to create a home inventory. Being able to create items including cost and quantity and other details, it’s pretty efficient and holds all the information I could ever want. I see that you have plans for adding export functionality; are you going to allow export to Excel/spreadsheet, CSV (comma-separated-values), or TDV/TSV (tab-delimited/separated-values)? What do you think about adding print capability? That would make it possible to create a hardcopy shopping list (or inventory, in my case). Thank you for your time and effort to make a great app, and your willingness to consider and respond to customer feedback!

    • Alex says:

      Hi Matt, thank you for contacting us. We are planning to offer CSV export feature going forward. As for printing, first this will be available as printing from our website and then later we may consider printing directly from the app. Please let me know if you have any further questions or comments.

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