Plans for Mighty Grocery Shopping List App

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What to expect in the next update?

We are working on the iOS version and making it easier to sync your grocery data. In the next version of Android app, Mighty Grocery will instantly sync all changes of your grocery data to online account and between devices. And we mean all changes. Not only your shopping lists will sync, but also Pick list, Recipes, Meal Plans, History.

Due to the changes, some existing advanced sync features will not be available. First, since all data will be sync’d instantly, there is no longer need for Backup on cloud. Second, if your app was signed in to multiple accounts, all lists will be assigned to your primary account. If you wish to continue using multiple accounts you will have to re-assign them manually. Finally, it won’t be possible to selectively sync lists. I.e. all lists in the account will be sync’d. However it will be possible to create another local account and place local-only lists there.

Transition progress to the new version will require a few steps: 1) on primary device push all data to cloud; 2) on secondary handsets, pull all data from cloud. Once this is done, all changes will be instantaneous and automatic. Before transition the app will automatically create backup on your phone, so we will be able to assist you to recover your data if anything goes wrong.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding transition to the new version, feel free to contact us at

Plans going forward*:

  1. Advanced Web UI. This will also allow easier view & modification of product catalog, recipes, history. Pricing TBD.
  2. Export History and Product catalog from the app in CSV format.
  3. Recipes catalog. Integrate with existing products/sites and introduce improvements to recipe feature.
  4. Coupons.  Separate app and/or integration with existing apps.

Under consideration:

  1. Adjust shopping list subtotal. This can be manually added/subtracted amount to shopping list subtotal or applied discount.
  2. Share selected items of shopping list via email, not all.
  3. Password protect shopping lists.
  4. GPS-based notifications for items/lists.
  5. Sync notifications.
  6. Unlink all favorites/pick items.
  7. Rename “Aisle” field on Edit Item screen for some types of lists.
  8. Use either Total Price or Unit Price as primary amount (currently only Unit Price used as primary).
  9. Do not round unit price and/or allow configuring decimal places.
  10. Group items and group barcodes under product/item/umbrella.
  11. Import from SMS.
  12. Workaround for case-insensitive search for non-ACSII characters.
  13. Configurable capitalization when adding a new item.
  14. Move multiple items to a different shopping list.
  15. Group by aisles in Master list view.
  16. Group sublists under Master lists in All lists view.
  17. Configure fields which get copied for linked items.
  18. Option to sort aisles by name and/or search aisles when selecting aisle for item.
  19. Configuration option: round tax to floor/ceil/nearest.
  20. Quantity of 1/4, 1/8, etc.
  21. Integration with
  22. Predictive Details mode and “batch adding”.
  23. Configuration option of not having tax added to items’ amount in shopping list.
  24. Collapsable groups in shopping list.
  25. Show number of items in drop-down selector of shopping lists.
  26. Indicator that item in Other aisle.
  27. New widget style + number of outstanding TODO items.
  28. CRV tax


* – The planned feature list is subject to change without any notice.

374 Responses to Plans for Mighty Grocery Shopping List App

  1. Jenny says:

    This is an awesome app! I would love it even more if we can specify which store certain lists are bought from and then at the end of the day, see and compare prices and ultimately show which store would be most budget-friendly.

  2. Cody says:

    I like the Planned Meal -> Grocery List feature. I’ve seen no other apps that can do this. The only thing I would dislike about is the complicated UI… I’ve spent quite some effort to figure out how I’m going to turn the Recipe to Plan and then to Grocery Lists.

    • Alex says:

      Cody, thank you for your feedback. If you have any suggestions how to simplify UI, we would be glad to consider changes for the future updates. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

  3. Michel says:

    thanks for adding the meal feature. However, I am seeing two caveats :
    – no way to enter, for each day, items for different meal types (breakfast, lunch, dinner .. should be customizable)
    – when selecting recipes, all the recipes made permanent appear in the order they were created, instead of alphabetically. So this makes it tedious to find out the recipes to select when you have tens of them …
    Would be great to be able to tag/filter out the recipes too for faster selection. (customizable tags too)

    Otherwise I really like this application.
    I am waiting for the capabitlies of managing / editing lists on a Computer as doing this on the smartphone is too long.

    • Alex says:

      Michael, thanks for your feedback. We have plans on adding meal categories in Meal Planner and also filter recipes. As for ordering recipes, we may consider adding alphabetic sort. In the meantime you may want to order recipes manually under Recipes tab > switch to edit mode.

      • Michel says:

        Thanks, I have done it manually but it took time !!!
        However this will make my life much eaiser, so worth the time spent .

  4. Lori says:

    I’d really like to see this app available for iOS, so my husband can sync lists with me.

  5. Pam Weiche says:

    I would like to see you implement #24 collapsible groups in shopping list.

  6. Marie-Claude says:

    This is the best application i ever found. I have the pro version but i have problem with the postponed items. Their no place to see them. Thank you for your efforts.

    • Alex says:

      Marie-Claude, thanks for your feedback! You can see postponed items by changing filter under List > Side menu (upper-right corner) > Sort and filter > Postponed.

  7. Tiffany says:

    This app so far does almost everything I need.. almost! The only thing missing is the ability to track prices entered over time (purchased or not).

    • Alex says:

      Tiffany, thanks for your feedback. We will consider this feature going forward. In the meantime it is possible to see price history of purchased items. Long-tap item in the list > Price history.

  8. robert says:

    Is there a way to share the pick list, it seems I can push the pick list to cloud but no way to pull the pick list down.

    • Alex says:

      Robert, we are working to make Pick lists sync-able just as any other shopping list. In the meantime it is possible to transfer Pick lists along with all grocery data by creating backup on source handset and restoring backup on destination device.

  9. Tessa says:


    I’ve downloaded the trial to MG and so far I love it. I tried the free version first. I thought there would be the ability to add recipes via the site and I see that this request dates back a few years. This or the ability to import inside the app (or both) is a feature that many other apps already have- but then they don’t look as good as your app ;). Since this has been requested a long time ago, has there been any progress? Is there a timeline?

    Thanks for all your hard work!

    • Alex says:

      Tessa, thanks for your interest in the app. Unfortunately, there is no timeline for this feature but it’s something that we definitely plan going forward. Sorry for keeping you waiting.

  10. Roy says:

    This is a great application and I love it. But I have been very very frustrated about one particular aspect.
    I want to have milk in one store on aisle 20 and in aisle 14 in another store. I want the pantry location for both to be the Fridge.
    Every time I copy milk from one store to another and edit the aisle it also updates the aisle for the original store, which is a bad thing.
    I want to select the grocery list to a particular store, go to the pantry location Fridge and check that I want to add that item to the list previously selected. The list should add milk to the list with the proper aisle location.
    It does not make sense to have to have two different names for milk, especially since buying milk at either store should update the pantry inventory with one total. This issue is top priority with me.

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