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  1. David Polich says:

    how do I create an alphabetical list of items and then be able to pick what I want to buy and have it put into my shopping list by AISLE designation. I find it very tedious and tiresome to have to search to each AUSLE section or PANTRY LIST

    • Alex says:

      David, you can set different settings for grouping and name sorting under [Settings > Options > Sort options] and in the side menu of a shopping list > Sort and filter. You can set any combination of “Group by aisle” and “Sort by name” globally or per list.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I absolutely love the app!
    I have a recipe app that imports recipes
    from websites where they are in the correct format. Any possibility of this option within MightyGrocery in the future?

    • Alex says:

      Stephanie, thanks for your feedback! Yes, we do have plans for importing recipes. Unfortunately, there is no specific date yet, but I hope this feature will be available soon.

  3. h.ploesser says:

    Is there a possibility to scan items after buying and automatically add them to the stock?
    I only have a tablet computer, which is too big to use in the store.


    • Alex says:

      Hi Heinz, yes, it is possible to scan items in Pantry section. Also, you can scan items in Shopping list and then update Pantry on checkout.

  4. john says:

    How do you disable the prompt to remove items from other lists? My camping list has milk and eggs and stuff to take camping, and every time I buy milk or eggs it prompts to remove them from my camping list. Most annoying.

    • Alex says:

      John, sorry for the inconvenience. We will consider changing this behaviour in the future. In the meantime you may want to consider slightly changing item names in camping list (such Eggs*) so that they would be different, or use todo lists for camping lists. Another option is using a recipe as camping list.

      • Will says:

        I find this annoying, too, except that I do want it checked from the other list(s) and I don’t want to be prompted about it. For every item that I don’t care what store I get it from (milk, eggs, bread, rice), I just want it checked when I’m at any of the stores and I pick it up. Some items are only at certain stores, so I need separate lists but they have a good deal of overlap.

        Additionally, when an item is used up and I add it from the Pantry, it should be added back to all of the lists that it was previously in.

        • Alex says:

          Will, thank you for your feedback. We will consider your comment for future improvement of multi-store support in Mighty Grocery. In the meantime I appreciate your patience and understanding.

  5. Kelly Brazina says:

    Im noticing that my subtotal is inaccurate at the bottom of my master list. Any way to troubleshoot that?

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