Mighty Grocery Shopping List: Barcode Scan

NOTE: Barcode scan feature requires Barcode Scanner application (free and open source) to be installed on your handset. If you don’t have it already, you will be advised to do so.

Add item to shopping list by scanning a Barcode

To scan a barcode, open the Sidebar by tapping the button on the top-right and then tap the Barcode button. If you use barcode scan often, long-tapping the Barcode button will bring it to Toolbar on the top.

After barcode is scanned, Mighty Grocery checks if the item has been scanned previously. If not, the app sends request to online catalog of 1.3 million products and displays the result. Either the product was found or not, you can change product details and the name you would like to see on your shopping list to your convenience.

When you tap Done for the first time after successful product search, you will be suggested to Anonymously publish changes you make to product details.

Scan multiple items for future use

If you would like to scan multiple barcodes for future use, it is advised to scan barcodes in My Picks section. Just go to Menu –> Settings –> Pick list –> My picks and add items as you would in shopping list.

Assign Barcode to existing item

To change a Barcode assigned to an item, open Edit Item Details screen and tap Barcode button to scan a new barcode you want to assign to the item. The new scanned barcode will replace the existing one.

This way you can assign barcodes to items you already have on your shopping lists.

Associate price with a barcode

Though barcode record in Mighty Grocery does not keep price information, it is possible to use price information from items in your application.

To do so, the barcode needs to be assigned to item or product as explained in “Add item to shopping list by scanning a Barcode” or “Assign Barcode to existing item” above.

Once you have the barcode assigned to an item, the app will reuse saved price information. Therefore the next time you scan this barcode in shopping list, a new item will be added with the price information from the product which barcode was assigned to.

Edit Product details for barcode

To change product name you see on Barcode Bar, tapping the Barcode Bar will open Barcode Edit screen which allows changing product details you would see on Barcode Bar.

Clean Barcode for item

To clean item from assigned barcode, open Edit Item Details screen and long-tap the Barcode bar.

Review scanned barcodes

Mighty Grocery keeps all scanned barcodes locally for your convenience. To review all barcodes scanned so far, open More –> Barcode Scans.

Publishing barcodes

You may also want to suggest better product name or add new products by publishing changes you make to product details. All changes are submitted Anonymously and becomes available to other users after review.

IMPORTANT: No changes will be published until you explicitly agree to publish changes you make to product details.

Q: Why Barcode Scan won’t find anything for me???

Well, most likely it’s because people in your area decided not to publish product details for use by others. Since barcode database is maintained voluntarily, the more people contribute the more chances you get to find what you are looking for. With the new convenient way to share product details in Mighty Grocery it might be a good time to start contributing.

122 Responses to Mighty Grocery Shopping List: Barcode Scan

  1. Greg says:

    Nice ability to scan bar codes. Qr Droid works better than the recommended app. Also when setting QR Droid to the default app to scan bar codes, Mighty Grocery still asks what bar code scanner to use every time.

    • Alex says:

      Greg, thanks for your feedback. Please note that setting a default app to perform scanning is a feature of Android Operating System. If it does not work as you expect, try rebooting your handset. If this does not help, you may need to remove other scanning app so that your preferred app would be the only option.

  2. Wojtek says:


    I would like to be able to store multiple prices (for different shops) per single barcode item, so I could scan the barcode at Jake’s and see if the associated item is cheaper than at Mary’s. Is this possible with MG?


    • Alex says:

      Wojtek, thanks for your question. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be feasible at the moment. We will plan this as a part of multi-store support going forward.

      • Doug says:

        I have owned the app for 2 years and I still can’t use it. Scanning bar codes is still too ponderous. Alex, you mentioned multi-store support. We must be able to set up a set of isles differently for each store. There may be some who can take a general list from store to store, but they are laid out so completely differently that this is difficult. As mentioned by Wojtek, we need to have a completely different set of data for each store: Isles, bar codes, prices, etc. Setup will be time-consuming, but once set up it will be much more functional.

      • Alex says:

        Doug, thanks for your feedback.

        As you may know, there is support for multiple lists in Mighty Grocery. It is possible to create a list for each store and manage inventory and aisles separately. The best way would be creating List-specific Favorites lists and populate them separately for each store.

        We still have plans for better support of multiple stores in the future, but unfortunately there is no specific timeline yet.

  3. Mike says:

    Wonderfull so far, your app works perfectly with QR Droid App for barcode scanning, sadly i had to install the recommended barcode scanner befor i got an option to choose.

    Only thing im really missing is to be able to enter barcodes by Hand instead of scanning them, some packages have the barcode horribly placed so its almost impossible to scan them.

  4. vacu says:

    I have a question, asked already on forum but my post isn’t approved :/
    As there’s not much MG users in Poland I didn’t expect to get many polish barcodes from MG database. I always publish codes that I scan but the problem is that these codes aren’t published :/ Me and a few of my friends have this app, let say that I’ve scanned some product, added all data and published. Now, after one or two weeks my friend is trying to scan the same product but still MG isn’t able to find it in the database. I also changed my phone few weeks ago, needed to reinstall MG, then I’ve tried to scan the same products that I’ve scanned before and I had to fill all data again :/ Does this function (publishing) already works or it’s just on todo list?

    • Alex says:

      Vacu, thank you for your question. Unfortunately, sharing barcodes between users is not available yet. We are collecting published data and plan to make it available going forward. However, all barcodes you scan should be saved in your backup. Have you tried restoring backup before scanning on your new phone?

  5. patll says:

    I put this in the forum, but after 5 days the admin still didn’t approve it. WHY?

    Post Awaiting Approval by Forum Administrator
    I scanned a bar code with a currently open item by mistake. The app won’t let me delete it so I can scan it as a new item, it keeps bringing up the error record. I’ve tried to delete the history, and other occurrences of it, but keeps coming up as the error record.

    How can i get rid of the error’d record so the scan code will bring up the correct item?

    hope this made sense.

    • Alex says:

      Sorry about delay. Sometimes forum posts take a while to respond. Contacting via email (hi@mightypocket.com) is the most efficient way to get help.

      Most likely you need to find this item in Setting > Pick list > Edit item > tap barcode > Clear. Or you could find the item in question under More > Search using text search. Try searching by barcode too.

  6. Doug says:

    Quick Question. I barcode scanned an item into “My Pick List”. In the Pick List, I changed the name/details. When I scanned the item into my Grocery List the original barcode name showed on the confirmation screen, but when I confirmed the scan, the Pick List name was in the Grocery List. I then changed the name in the Barcode List, but it didn’t change the Pick List. When I edited the name in the Grocery List, it displayed the Barcode List entry, but the edit only changed the Grocery and Pick List entries. Is there a way to propagate changes or do I need to update both lists (Pic List and Barcode List) or am I using it wrong? Thanks.

    • Alex says:


      When you scan an item under Pick list, there are two records created: 1) Barcode scan record with product name and description; 2) Product record that is listed in Pick list.

      When you scan the same product in shopping list, the app tries to find a record in Pick list and uses it.

      When you change the name of your shopping item (or product under Pick list), this is not considered as a change to the Barcode scan item. Therefore you’ll need two edits if you’d like to change shopping list item and barcode scan item.

      Hopefully this makes sense.

  7. Miles Whitehead says:

    Can I look at manual online from my computer

  8. Bam says:

    Great App, but it’s the same for me with the barcode scanner.
    I don’t have an autofocus camera, so the only bc scanner app i know that works with my phone is pic2shop… would be great if it would be possible to choose the scanner app.

    • Alex says:

      Hi Bam, thanks for your feedback. We have plans on integrating with other barcode scanner apps. Hopefully they will be willing to cooperate going forward. Thanks again.

  9. Roger says:

    I also have a Samsung Galaxy S II and the secret to getting the scanner to work is to take off autofocus. It then will work perfectly.

    • Barb Stefano says:

      Thanks. I tried that and it did not work. However, uninstalling and reinstalling the grocery and sccanner apps seemed to do the trick.

  10. Barb Stefano says:

    I absolutely love this app and use it nearly every day. However, if I had one complaint, it would be the barcode scanner — epic fail! It won’t detect anything I try to scan. I have other barcode scanners on my phone (Samsung Galaxy SII) and within other apps, and they’ll scan flawlessly within nanoseconds, but the one with Mighty Grocery has never worked for me. Please fine out which one MyFitnessPal uses and use that one; it never fails.

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