Mighty Grocery Shopping List: Sync with Cloud


This section describes how to establish grocery data syncing between devices using Cloud. By “Cloud” we understand Mighty Grocery server infrastructure designed to store and process app-related data.

Online access to shared shopping lists: My Mighty Grocery.

Getting Started

When you launch Mighty Grocery for the first time it will offer three options: Sign up, Sign in, Continue.

  1. To create an account: tap Sign up > enter Email & Password > Confirm.
  2. To sign in to existing account: tap Sign in > enter Email (or Account ID) & password > Confirm.
  3. To continue using app locally without exchanging data with Cloud: tap Continue > the app will create a new local account for you.

It’s recommended to get devices in sync on the first launch of the app:

  1. Sign up to MG account on one of your handsets to create an account.
  2. Sign in to the created account from all other devices.

Once you connected devices to Cloud, all your grocery data will be synced automatically between handsets, including Lists, Pick list, History, Recipes, etc.

Sync Existing Local Data

Sync local accountIf you choose “Continue” from the Welcome screen, a local account is created for you, and no data is sent to Cloud. You can start syncing your local account later following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Accounts > your account > tap [Sync with Cloud].
  2. A new account will be created for you on Cloud.

Sign In to Account

If you already have an account on Cloud and would like to sync data with a new device, just Sign in to the account from Welcome screen on the new device.

If you got past the Welcome screen, there are two options:

  1. You can Sign out from all accounts listed under Settings > Accounts. And then Sign in from Welcome screen.
  2. You can Sign in to the account under Settings > Accounts > Actions (3-dot button) > Sign in.

Sign Out from Account

To Sign out from account just go to Settings > Accounts > [your account] > Actions (3-dot button) > Sign out > choose No to keeping data on the device (unless you’d like to make a local copy of your data and create a new account from it) > Confirm.

The above sequence of actions will remove account’s data from your device, but account will remain on Cloud.

Restore Password

There are two options to restore your password:

  1. If any of your devices is signed in to your account you can change it under Settings > Accounts > your account > Owner password.
  2. Otherwise you can restore password under Settings > Accounts > Actions (3-dot button) > Restore password > enter Email > Confirm.

Transfer Data from Old Device to a New One

Note: If you have a Full Version of Mighty Grocery you don’t need to pay for the app again when installing it on a new device. Just make sure you use the same Google Account with Google Play to download the app. For more details please see Google’s help. Just a reminder: if you purchased the app from Amazon Appstore you need to download Mighty Grocery from Amazon.

On your old device:

  1. Make sure you device is running the latest version of Mighty Grocery.
  2. Make sure that you have account on Cloud and it is syncing normally. Just go to Settings > Accounts > your account > check that status is “Success”. If your account is local, please see Sync Existing Local Data.
  3. Make sure that entered Email is correct or tap [Email] field to make changes.
  4. Tap [Owner password] field > enter your password.

On your new device:

  • Sign in to your account from Welcome screen. See Sign In to Account section for more details.

Account Settings

  1. Edit Account SettingsAccount settings (such as Account label, Email, Password) can be changed under Settings > Accounts > your account.
  2. Account ID can be used to sign in to your account instead of Email.

Owner and Guest passwords

Your account can have Owner password and Guest password associated with it. If you created the account or used Owner password to sign in to your account, you are granted Owner access and you can make any changes to the account.

Users who sign in using Guest password are granted Guest access and are not allowed to change account Passwords, Email, and Account label.

Delete Account

If you’d like to delete account from Cloud, go to Account Settings and choose Delete from Cloud option from Actions (3-dot button).


If your devices do not sync, please check the following:

  1. Your devices are running the latest version of Mighty Grocery available for download (currently 4.0+).
  2. Devices are signed in to the same account. You can check this by comparing Account Ids listed on the devices under Settings > Accounts.
  3. Sync status should be “Success”: check sync status under Settings > Accounts > your account.
  4. If this didn’t help, please email your Account IDs to hi@mightypocket.com with details about the issue so we could have a closer look.

List Sync Settings

List Sync Settings are accessible from Menu –> Settings –> List Sync.

  1. Polling interval — number of seconds between sync attempts when shopping list screen is open.
  2. Idle polling interval — number of seconds between sync attempts when shopping list screen is closed.
  3. Sync status details — configures level of details of progress messages. Can be None, Simple, and Detailed.


Starting with Mighty Grocery 4.0 the app will store backups of your data on SD card only. If you’d like to keep your data safely on Cloud, make sure that syncing with Cloud is activated.

Backups can be created and restored under Settings > Backup.

Choose Create backup to initiate backup creation. Choose Restore backup to restore previously created backup in your app. Choose Share backup if you’d like to send one of backups from your SD card to someone else. 5 last backups are preserved and the app automatically creates backups every once in a while.

Note: Backups are stored on SD card in

  • Full version: /sdcard/Android/backup/com.mightypocket.grocery.full/files
  • Free version: /sdcard/Android/backup/com.mightypocket.grocery/files

Privacy Policy

Please see our Privacy Policy.

199 Responses to Mighty Grocery Shopping List: Sync with Cloud

  1. Hugh Donohoe says:

    I have read and reread the instructions and tried multiple times to get my wife’s “groceries” list and my “groceries” list to sync but to no avail. Both phones have full version. On my wifes phone her account is set to auto sync and on my phone my account is set to auto sync. (I noticed on your sample above that illustrates the cloud actions the green box in the upper right say’s “active” not auto sync like our phones? When you go to ALL LISTS and then tap on the > to the right of the GROCERIES list Your taken to an edit list screen. This screen has a box that you can check with a choice of sync list via ?? You don’t explain what the correct choice is and there are multiple. Please point out what I’m doing wrong as this is a great ap and I would like to use it to it’s full poential.


    • Alex says:

      Hi Hugh, thank you for your question.

      FIrst of all, please make sure both your phones are linked to the same account. I.e. Account ID should be equal for records in Menu –> Settings –> Accounts.

      Second, I would recommend establishing link between shopping lists on your phones using these instructions. Given that you have already created account on your phone, you will need to push “Groceries” list to cloud from your phone, and then pull “Groceries” list from cloud on your wife’s phone. Please see Sync with cloud User’s Guide for more details.

      Finally, thanks for pointing out missing doc for Sync list setting of Edit list screen. This will be addressed shortly.

      Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

  2. Bill says:


    I have 2 lists push to the clouds (Groceries and Favorites).
    The Groceries syncs fine but the Favorites does not.

    For instance, my wife adds an item from her phone and it would show on mine.
    However, when she deletes the item, it would remain on mine.

    Other than that, we love everything about it.


    • Alex says:

      Hi Bill, thank you so much for your feedback and your question.

      Let me recommend to make sure that Favorites list is associated with Favorites list on cloud. Assuming that you have Groceries and Favorites pushed from your phone, the following steps should be taken on your wife’s phone:
      1. Go to All lists tab
      2. Tap selector on the top (which shows Shopping lists)
      3. Choose Favorite Lists.
      4. Tap (>) next to Favorites.
      5. Tap Sync list –> (your account) –> Favorites.

      If Favorites is not listed in #5, this means that it has not been pushed to cloud. Just push Favorites from your phone and try the steps above again.

      Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

      • Bill says:


        I did what you suggested but the issue remains.
        The issue only occurs while deleting. I can add an item from either phone and it would sync instantaneously. Also, it appears to affect only Favorites folder.

        Thanks for your assistance,

      • Alex says:

        Bill, thank you for trying the suggestion.

        Could you please send you Account ID to hi@mightypocket.com so we could investigate the issue.

        Also, could you please confirm the following scenario describes your issue:
        (both phones have Favorites folder Sync’d).
        1. Go to Favorites.
        2. Create item –> item will sync.
        3. Delete created item –> item won’t sync.


  3. Mark Herrington says:

    Excellent product. Love it! I purchased the full version to sync to the cloud and share my list with my wife. Does she needs to purchase the application separately on her device as well?

    • Alex says:

      Hi Mark, thank you so much for your feedback and your question.

      Yes, both phones need to have Mighty Grocery Full installed in order to have shopping lists synchronized. Kindly note that Basic Web UI will available soon, therefore it will be possible to populate shopping lists online using a browser.

      Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you again.

  4. Carl says:

    I have not looked at the plans section, but have you considered adding web support? So say I’m at work and my wife wants to send me a shopping list. That she would be able to log into an account put the list together and then when I sync my phone it would get the list from the account? Just curious as sometimes my wife can’t get a reliable signal on her phone at home.

    • Alex says:

      Hi Carl, thank you for your question.

      Yes, we are currently working on the Basic Web UI for the app which will allow online editing of shopping lists. Full-featured Web UI is planned later this year.

      Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you again.

  5. Emery says:

    Great app, perhaps in the future you might concider adding a calculator ability so you can ad the total expenditures for a month of purchases. This shure would help.
    Thanks Emery.

    • Alex says:

      Emery, thank you so much for your feedback and suggestion. We may be implementing suggested feature later on if we see more people interested in using it.

  6. Steve says:

    My wife has scanned in a number of products to her phone over the past couple of months. Is there a way for us to sync this data between phones?

    • Alex says:

      Steve, thank you for your question.

      Unfortunately there is no way to sync barcode data yet. However you may want to consider creating a backup from your wife’s phone and restoring it on yours. Beware that all grocery data on your phone will get lost in this case though.

      I guess we may consider syncing barcodes, history, etc. later this year if we see a demand for that.

      • Steve says:

        Thank you for your response Alex. I deal with various tech support departments from a variety of vendors on a daily basis due to the type of work I am involved in. Having done so now for over 10 years, it has become easier to recognize those who really care about their customers. Your devotion to repeatedly providing us (your customers) supurb and immediate service is most refreshing and greatly appreciated! Thank you again.

      • Alex says:

        Thank you so much, Steve. It’s my pleasure to be helpful.

  7. Joyce says:

    With the push/pull feature from the cloud, it would be nice if I could access my Mighty Grocery account from my computer desktop… then as I check the weekly coupon specials from my grocery store, I could easily navigate back and forth to add things to my list…

    This would help to integrate the store’s published specials with the Mighty Grocery app… VERY valuable tool!

    Thanks for creating an AWESOME app!

    • Alex says:

      Hi Joyce, thank you so much for your feedback.

      Kindly note that we are going to give access to shared shopping lists through Web UI soon. So you will be able to access your shopping lists using a standard browser.


      • Joachim says:

        some weeks ago i bought grocery king – but mighty grocery is much better. web UI would be great – my wife writes the shopping list at home on the computer and I get the list on my phone
        another nice feature would be the ability to send a list via email :-)


        • Alex says:

          Hi Joachim, thank you so much for your feedback and suggestions.

          Kindly note that Basic Web UI will be available soon which will allow editing shopping lists online. As to sending shopping lists via email just click phone’s Menu button –> Share under the shopping list in question.

          Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you again.

  8. mike Hawkins says:

    2.95 canadian, what a deal..!! hey you guys, that is really unbelievable. With the cloud feature and all. By the way got it to work. guess your server was down…. :) You have got to charge something for this. Server costs and all. I am realistic, and do realize that you have to sell it and get the clients to make it work. But at least lets start a donation program or something.

    • Alex says:

      Hi Mike, thank you for you feedback.

      I am glad that cloud sync feature worked for you. Today we had upgrades applied to our backend systems before the upcoming release which could cause temporary connection difficulties. Sorry for inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

      As to pricing, we want to bring customers a great experience at affordable price. Though gratuities are at your discretion :)

      Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you again.

  9. Christy says:

    When I use back up with cloud, does that mean that everything I have done will be saved if I get a different phone or is it just the lists that get backed up? Also, is there any way to get a bank of of brand name products to choose from in pick list (eg, Motrin, Tide, etc)?

    • Alex says:

      Christy, thank you for your question.

      Yes, backup feature stores all your data and settings on cloud excepting account list (Menu –> Settings –> Accounts). So if you get a different phone you will need Account ID or email + Owner password to restore all your data.

      As to brand names, unfortunately there is no such a bank yet. However you may want to try barcode scan feature which should return most of popular product names. Barcodes can be scanned directly in shopping list, or in Pick list settings (Menu –> Settings –> Pick List –> My Picks).

      Looking forward to hearing from you again.

  10. Yuriy says:

    After the latest update I got Force close 2 times when used your app. You have bug, unfortunately…

    • Alex says:

      Hi Yuriy, thank you for your feedback.

      I have to admit that our app still have bugs to fix. Evidently, that’s one of the reasons why we still keep “Beta” word in the version label. Anyhow, we do our best to identify and resolve any issues our customers may have. That said I will appreciate any details on steps to reproduce the issue so we could eventually fix it.

      Sorry for inconvenience and I look forward to hearing any details you would like to share with us.

  11. Melanie says:

    Many thanks for your quick response via email for this problem. Still don’t know why it suddenly turned into german but uninstalling seemed to help. The file was definitely uninstalled but still showed installed on google play (via pc) but not on phone version of google play so I just reinstalled it via phone (it now though shows it is not installed on PC google play – go figure lol)!!!! But anyway all back up and running many thanks. Have another question but will do this under the right category this time – re pick lists!

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