Mighty Grocery Shopping List: Sync with Cloud


This section describes how to establish grocery data syncing between devices using Cloud. By “Cloud” we understand Mighty Grocery server infrastructure designed to store and process app-related data.

Online access to shared shopping lists: My Mighty Grocery.

Getting Started

When you launch Mighty Grocery for the first time it will offer three options: Sign up, Sign in, Continue.

  1. To create an account: tap Sign up > enter Email & Password > Confirm.
  2. To sign in to existing account: tap Sign in > enter Email (or Account ID) & password > Confirm.
  3. To continue using app locally without exchanging data with Cloud: tap Continue > the app will create a new local account for you.

It’s recommended to get devices in sync on the first launch of the app:

  1. Sign up to MG account on one of your handsets to create an account.
  2. Sign in to the created account from all other devices.

Once you connected devices to Cloud, all your grocery data will be synced automatically between handsets, including Lists, Pick list, History, Recipes, etc.

Sync Existing Local Data

Sync local accountIf you choose “Continue” from the Welcome screen, a local account is created for you, and no data is sent to Cloud. You can start syncing your local account later following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Accounts > your account > tap [Sync with Cloud].
  2. A new account will be created for you on Cloud.

Sign In to Account

If you already have an account on Cloud and would like to sync data with a new device, just Sign in to the account from Welcome screen on the new device.

If you got past the Welcome screen, there are two options:

  1. You can Sign out from all accounts listed under Settings > Accounts. And then Sign in from Welcome screen.
  2. You can Sign in to the account under Settings > Accounts > Actions (3-dot button) > Sign in.

Sign Out from Account

To Sign out from account just go to Settings > Accounts > [your account] > Actions (3-dot button) > Sign out > choose No to keeping data on the device (unless you’d like to make a local copy of your data and create a new account from it) > Confirm.

The above sequence of actions will remove account’s data from your device, but account will remain on Cloud.

Restore Password

There are two options to restore your password:

  1. If any of your devices is signed in to your account you can change it under Settings > Accounts > your account > Owner password.
  2. Otherwise you can restore password under Settings > Accounts > Actions (3-dot button) > Restore password > enter Email > Confirm.

Transfer Data from Old Device to a New One

Note: If you have a Full Version of Mighty Grocery you don’t need to pay for the app again when installing it on a new device. Just make sure you use the same Google Account with Google Play to download the app. For more details please see Google’s help. Just a reminder: if you purchased the app from Amazon Appstore you need to download Mighty Grocery from Amazon.

On your old device:

  1. Make sure you device is running the latest version of Mighty Grocery.
  2. Make sure that you have account on Cloud and it is syncing normally. Just go to Settings > Accounts > your account > check that status is “Success”. If your account is local, please see Sync Existing Local Data.
  3. Make sure that entered Email is correct or tap [Email] field to make changes.
  4. Tap [Owner password] field > enter your password.

On your new device:

  • Sign in to your account from Welcome screen. See Sign In to Account section for more details.

Account Settings

  1. Edit Account SettingsAccount settings (such as Account label, Email, Password) can be changed under Settings > Accounts > your account.
  2. Account ID can be used to sign in to your account instead of Email.

Owner and Guest passwords

Your account can have Owner password and Guest password associated with it. If you created the account or used Owner password to sign in to your account, you are granted Owner access and you can make any changes to the account.

Users who sign in using Guest password are granted Guest access and are not allowed to change account Passwords, Email, and Account label.

Delete Account

If you’d like to delete account from Cloud, go to Account Settings and choose Delete from Cloud option from Actions (3-dot button).


If your devices do not sync, please check the following:

  1. Your devices are running the latest version of Mighty Grocery available for download (currently 4.0+).
  2. Devices are signed in to the same account. You can check this by comparing Account Ids listed on the devices under Settings > Accounts.
  3. Sync status should be “Success”: check sync status under Settings > Accounts > your account.
  4. If this didn’t help, please email your Account IDs to hi@mightypocket.com with details about the issue so we could have a closer look.

List Sync Settings

List Sync Settings are accessible from Menu –> Settings –> List Sync.

  1. Polling interval — number of seconds between sync attempts when shopping list screen is open.
  2. Idle polling interval — number of seconds between sync attempts when shopping list screen is closed.
  3. Sync status details — configures level of details of progress messages. Can be None, Simple, and Detailed.


Starting with Mighty Grocery 4.0 the app will store backups of your data on SD card only. If you’d like to keep your data safely on Cloud, make sure that syncing with Cloud is activated.

Backups can be created and restored under Settings > Backup.

Choose Create backup to initiate backup creation. Choose Restore backup to restore previously created backup in your app. Choose Share backup if you’d like to send one of backups from your SD card to someone else. 5 last backups are preserved and the app automatically creates backups every once in a while.

Note: Backups are stored on SD card in

  • Full version: /sdcard/Android/backup/com.mightypocket.grocery.full/files
  • Free version: /sdcard/Android/backup/com.mightypocket.grocery/files

Privacy Policy

Please see our Privacy Policy.

200 Responses to Mighty Grocery Shopping List: Sync with Cloud

  1. Adam says:

    When using the Web UI, it would be great if a new item would allow you to click one button and edit the details, instead of clicking Add, then selecting the item to change the aisle, price, etc.

  2. Jennifer Warner says:

    I’d like to share my grocery favorites with my spouse so he can set up his phone. I created a guest account so he can pull from my cloud.

    After he pulls, can he remove his connection to my account? I REALLY don’t want the sharing to be permanent. We shop differently.

    Can I upload my aisles so he can have those?

    My favorites all have barcodes I’ve scanned in that belong to the local store. Will my barcodes transfer over when he loads my favorites?

    Does it matter if he’s in the free or the paid version?

    • Jennifer Warner says:

      In reference to my earlier question… i know i can create a backup and then restore it to his phone and now i’ve gotten the impression through the posts that doing this would give him my barcode work, but after that is done can i remove our synched connection to my account? so he can have his own?

    • Alex says:

      Hi Jennifer, thank you for your questions.

      You may want to try “Restore from another account” command available in More –> Backup on cloud in order to transfer all data from your phone once. All your data, including barcodes, aisles, etc. will be transferred. Owner password will be required to restore backup, but it won’t get saved. Thus destination phone will not be linked to your account. Warning: all data on destination phone will be overridden by data in backup.

      You may also want to consider sharing only some of your lists so that you and your spouse could use the app differently. However, I understand that this may be impossible if you use a different aisle configuration.

      Sync with cloud feature is available in Full version of Mighty Grocery only. Therefore to have the backup restored, the app must be upgraded.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions.

  3. christy timms says:

    Please help! I can’t seem to figure out how to get my exact favorites from one device to another.

    • Alex says:

      Hi Christy, thanks for your question.

      Do you need to transfer all your data from one device to another or do you need your Favorites to by instantly sync’d between two devices?
      – To transfer all your data, you will need to create a backup at source device and then restore backup at destination device.
      – To sync Favorites instantly you will need to push Favorites list to cloud from your source device and the pull Favorites list on your destination device.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions.

  4. Laura says:

    I keep trying to make an account and then backup with cloud but it keeps saying to make a new account.

    What am i doing wrong?

    • Alex says:

      Hi Laura, thanks for your question.

      Do you have an Owner account listed at Menu –> Settings –> Accounts on the phone which you use for backup?

      • Laura says:

        Yes I do. It is an eight figure/letter code

      • Alex says:

        Laura, thanks for the details.

        It must be something wrong with the app, because it should stop requesting a new account in Backup section once there is an Owner account under Accounts tab.

        I would recommend the following:
        1. Make sure there are no records under Accounts tab by deleting them. When asked if you want to remove your account from cloud, choose No to keep it intact.
        2. Under Accounts tab tap Login button (key) and enter your login/password. Double-check that the new record has “Owner” type.
        3. Go to More tab, choose Backup on cloud. The app should not request you to create a new account.

        If this does not help, please contact us at hi@mightypocket.com so we could continue our investigation.

        Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience.

  5. Paul says:

    Love the app. Very useful. Would really like to have some way of backing up/saving recipes. Spent considerable time adding recipes only to lose them all when my Droid X crashed. No fault of the app but disappointed to lose all that info. I have been reluctant to spend time adding recipes since.

    • Alex says:

      Hi Paul, thank you so much for your feedback and suggestion. I am sorry for your loss of data.

      Kindly note that Backup feature allows saving recipes on cloud. You just need to create account as explained above and then Create backups regularly to keep cloud data fresh.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions.

      • Paul says:

        My mistake. All this time I was under the impression that a sync function and the backup function were one and the same. Thanks for the fantastic app.


  6. Michael says:


    Just bought the app and impressed so far.

    I am setting up the sync, but I have noticed that the “My Picks” are not sync’d. When I try to do a manual “Sync now” a pop up says that it is “coming soon”. Any idea of the timeframe for this? I would find this very useful.

    If this is not working at the moment, if I add a new item to “My picks” on my phone, is there anyway I can get it onto the other phone other than adding it manually or doing a backup and restore on the other phone? I don’t want to have to keep reconfiguring settings after a restore etc.


    • Alex says:

      Hi Michael, thanks for your feedback and your question.

      Unfortunately, creating and restoring backup is the only apparent way to transfer Pick list from one phone to another.

      The other option is to add items from Pick list to Sync’d list and then transfer products from Automatic picks to My picks (Menu –> Settings –> Pick list –> Automatic picks –> Actions –> Move to My picks). Once this is done, items can be safely deleted from the Sync’d shopping list.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions.

  7. Deb Goldsmith says:

    Hi, I love this app! I am still trying to figure out how to use it all and get my husband’s phone list to sync with mine. Have you considered putting in a list category for Sam’s Club? We go there fairly often, and they have items there that are unavailable at other grocery stores. Thank you!

  8. Kathleen says:

    I just used the Web UI and it is excellent ! So easy to add items and they sync to my phone ! I imagine it will be a bit more detailed further down the line, but I have to say, it saved me a TON of time entering items, rather than trying to type it all in on a touch screen phone ! Keep up the good work !
    P.S. I bought the app the first day I tried it and left a glowing review on Google App Market.
    Well deserved!

  9. Jenna says:

    My phone was recently run over by a car. I purchased your product before the “cloud” thing was established, and so I think somehow it assigned me a “code” on it’s own. I’m not sure of the code and the password. I’m really hoping my stuff is in the cloud someplace. Please advise.

  10. Russ Berquam says:

    Mighty Grocery List looks like a great program for my android but how do I push a list to the cloud from my PC
    It will be great to transfer my cookbook shopping list to the Android

    • Alex says:

      Hi Russ, thank you for your feedback and your question.

      Kindly note that it will be possible to modify shopping lists on the cloud when Basic Web UI becomes available. Follow us on Twitter to be among the first to know when Basic Web UI is open to public.

      Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you again.

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