Mighty Grocery Shopping List: Sync with Cloud


This section describes how to establish grocery data syncing between devices using Cloud. By “Cloud” we understand Mighty Grocery server infrastructure designed to store and process app-related data.

Online access to shared shopping lists: My Mighty Grocery.

Getting Started

When you launch Mighty Grocery for the first time it will offer three options: Sign up, Sign in, Continue.

  1. To create an account: tap Sign up > enter Email & Password > Confirm.
  2. To sign in to existing account: tap Sign in > enter Email (or Account ID) & password > Confirm.
  3. To continue using app locally without exchanging data with Cloud: tap Continue > the app will create a new local account for you.

It’s recommended to get devices in sync on the first launch of the app:

  1. Sign up to MG account on one of your handsets to create an account.
  2. Sign in to the created account from all other devices.

Once you connected devices to Cloud, all your grocery data will be synced automatically between handsets, including Lists, Pick list, History, Recipes, etc.

Sync Existing Local Data

Sync local accountIf you choose “Continue” from the Welcome screen, a local account is created for you, and no data is sent to Cloud. You can start syncing your local account later following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Accounts > your account > tap [Sync with Cloud].
  2. A new account will be created for you on Cloud.

Sign In to Account

If you already have an account on Cloud and would like to sync data with a new device, just Sign in to the account from Welcome screen on the new device.

If you got past the Welcome screen, there are two options:

  1. You can Sign out from all accounts listed under Settings > Accounts. And then Sign in from Welcome screen.
  2. You can Sign in to the account under Settings > Accounts > Actions (3-dot button) > Sign in.

Sign Out from Account

To Sign out from account just go to Settings > Accounts > [your account] > Actions (3-dot button) > Sign out > choose No to keeping data on the device (unless you’d like to make a local copy of your data and create a new account from it) > Confirm.

The above sequence of actions will remove account’s data from your device, but account will remain on Cloud.

Restore Password

There are two options to restore your password:

  1. If any of your devices is signed in to your account you can change it under Settings > Accounts > your account > Owner password.
  2. Otherwise you can restore password under Settings > Accounts > Actions (3-dot button) > Restore password > enter Email > Confirm.

Transfer Data from Old Device to a New One

Note: If you have a Full Version of Mighty Grocery you don’t need to pay for the app again when installing it on a new device. Just make sure you use the same Google Account with Google Play to download the app. For more details please see Google’s help. Just a reminder: if you purchased the app from Amazon Appstore you need to download Mighty Grocery from Amazon.

On your old device:

  1. Make sure you device is running the latest version of Mighty Grocery.
  2. Make sure that you have account on Cloud and it is syncing normally. Just go to Settings > Accounts > your account > check that status is “Success”. If your account is local, please see Sync Existing Local Data.
  3. Make sure that entered Email is correct or tap [Email] field to make changes.
  4. Tap [Owner password] field > enter your password.

On your new device:

  • Sign in to your account from Welcome screen. See Sign In to Account section for more details.

Account Settings

  1. Edit Account SettingsAccount settings (such as Account label, Email, Password) can be changed under Settings > Accounts > your account.
  2. Account ID can be used to sign in to your account instead of Email.

Owner and Guest passwords

Your account can have Owner password and Guest password associated with it. If you created the account or used Owner password to sign in to your account, you are granted Owner access and you can make any changes to the account.

Users who sign in using Guest password are granted Guest access and are not allowed to change account Passwords, Email, and Account label.

Delete Account

If you’d like to delete account from Cloud, go to Account Settings and choose Delete from Cloud option from Actions (3-dot button).


If your devices do not sync, please check the following:

  1. Your devices are running the latest version of Mighty Grocery available for download (currently 4.0+).
  2. Devices are signed in to the same account. You can check this by comparing Account Ids listed on the devices under Settings > Accounts.
  3. Sync status should be “Success”: check sync status under Settings > Accounts > your account.
  4. If this didn’t help, please email your Account IDs to hi@mightypocket.com with details about the issue so we could have a closer look.

List Sync Settings

List Sync Settings are accessible from Menu –> Settings –> List Sync.

  1. Polling interval — number of seconds between sync attempts when shopping list screen is open.
  2. Idle polling interval — number of seconds between sync attempts when shopping list screen is closed.
  3. Sync status details — configures level of details of progress messages. Can be None, Simple, and Detailed.


Starting with Mighty Grocery 4.0 the app will store backups of your data on SD card only. If you’d like to keep your data safely on Cloud, make sure that syncing with Cloud is activated.

Backups can be created and restored under Settings > Backup.

Choose Create backup to initiate backup creation. Choose Restore backup to restore previously created backup in your app. Choose Share backup if you’d like to send one of backups from your SD card to someone else. 5 last backups are preserved and the app automatically creates backups every once in a while.

Note: Backups are stored on SD card in

  • Full version: /sdcard/Android/backup/com.mightypocket.grocery.full/files
  • Free version: /sdcard/Android/backup/com.mightypocket.grocery/files

Privacy Policy

Please see our Privacy Policy.

200 Responses to Mighty Grocery Shopping List: Sync with Cloud

  1. Selena Jackson says:

    I have lists that are on my push lists from my phone but they are not showing up on the website. Is there a limit per account on the number of lists? Maybe I am setting this up wrong. I thought I needed a list for each grocery store or website I purchase from. I still need to add at least 8 more.

    Any idea on when all of the information put into our Mighty Grocery, i.e. pantry, receiptes, etc. will able to be saved and edited on the website?

    Is there a way to back this information up incase something goes wrong with my phone, as the LG G2 doesn’t have an sd card.

    Thank you for your continued support and updates/improvements on this app.

    Warm Regards,


    • Alex says:

      Selena, thanks for contacting us.
      1) There’s no limit of lists per account. If you pushed lists and don’t see them online, most likely you are signing in a different account online. Please contact us at hi@mightypocket.com for further assistance.
      2) Ability to edit everything online is work in progress, but unfortunately there’s no timeline.
      3) Make sure that you check “Automatic backup on cloud” in your account settings. This will send all your grocery data to cloud every once in a while. If anything goes wrong, you will be able to sign in to your account and restore backup.

      Let me know if you have any further questions.

  2. mike says:

    can’t get in to my account it says there is no account help now !

  3. mike says:

    i have mighty grocery on old phone i need to put on new phone all my stuff ? how do i do that i am willing to upgrade thanks

    • Alex says:

      Mike, if you are using Free version of Mighty Grocery you will need to install Full version of Mighty Grocery on your old phone, transfer data, and Create backup. Then install Mighty Grocery on your new phone and Restore backup. Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

      • mike says:

        i did the back up sync with cloud but not able to do this To log into account, often created on the other phone, follow these steps:

        Press Menu button of your phone.
        Tap Settings.
        Tap Accounts.
        Tap Plus button on the top of the screen, select Login to account.
        Provide Account ID or Email of the account you want to get access to.
        Enter account’s Owner or Guest password. all i find is a + add account can get to your site help ?

  4. Belinda says:

    Hi, I just downloaded the paid app to my Kindle Fire 1st edition. It is easier for me to use at home than my cell. I downloaded the free app to my Net10 smartphone and now I can’t link them together. Is there a computer download as well? I would love to sink them all together. Thanks for any help you can offer.

  5. flo says:

    What about syncing the Recipes? Is it possible?

    • Alex says:

      Unfortunately, syncing recipes is not available in Mighty Grocery as of the moment, but we are working to make this possible in one of the upcoming updates.

      • j west says:

        Will you allow syncing meals/recepies Please Please Please!

        • Alex says:

          Thanks for your feedback! Yes, we are working on syncing meals, recipes, pick list and History. Thanks for your patience!

          • Anna says:

            Yes, please do! And while you at it – it would be very nice to be able to export/import/share selected recipes without the need of sharing the complete backup :)

        • Dana says:

          Yes, please add this sync feature, it is really needed in order to make the meals and recipes lists useful and complete. a lot of code is probably very similar to the one on the other lists. when will you release these updates?

  6. Roy says:

    I’ve just started with the app, which I like, but I’m having trouble getting stuff synched between my Nexus 7 tablet and my phone:
    1. Can you explain the difference and relationship between Push and Sync?
    2. I made a new list (Drugstore) on the tablet, added an item, and want to sync it with my phone. So I opened Cloud actions menu, tapped Push lists – and the Drugstore list is not there. All the other lists are there and checked. What do I do?

    • Alex says:

      Roy, 1) Push list is the first step in making your lists synced between devices. When you Pull lists from cloud on another handset, your lists on two handsets are synced and changes will instantly transfer.
      2) It should be possible to sync any shopping lists on your handsets. Try scrolling the list up, most likely Drugstore is in the bottom of the list below the screen line. If this does not help, please contact us at hi@mightypocket.com for further instructions.

  7. Vickie says:

    I have so many lists that differ and such a mess of things that I have uninstalled Mighty Grocery from my Android phone.
    In hopes to create ONE section, I have deleted all lists from my Android tablet, except for the main favorite list of “Groceries” (which is quite lengthy…I’ve been building this list over 2 yrs).
    When I go online and sign in to the website, I can’t see where any of the info that I’ve deleted (in order to start all over) has disappeared. I have never seen an advantage or help from going thru the website…all I see there is a mess of stuff to which I seem to be adding.
    I backed up on the cloud the last changes which I have made, i.e., deleting all lists except for the “Groceries”
    I want to go back & add some individual favorites, i.e., Target, Lowe’s, etc. which were specific lists for those particular stores. I plan to do ALL adding to only my tablet.
    I uninstalled the app from my Android phone last night. Tonight I reinstalled it, but when I pulled the lists…half of the “Groceries” didn’t come over.
    I love this app and use it constantly, however it has gotten so messed up I’m ready to discontinue and move on to another app.
    Please advise…thanks!

    • Alex says:

      Vickie, thanks for your patience with the issue and I am glad that we could get it resolved.

      For anyone reading this — contacting via email is the fastest and most reliable way to get support with Mighty Grocery.

  8. Cath King says:

    Yes the learning curve is complex and mistakes easily made. The only reason I have persisted is the sync feature. I am having difficulty copying my pick list to another device. Everything else comes across, aisles, lists etc but not the master pick list. I imagine I could do this by adding everything in the pick list to a list then syncing, but this seems unnecessarily time consuming. The same applies to the basic web UI.
    Advice would be much appreciated please.

  9. Selena J. says:


    First I wanted to say I love this application and am so glad to see this back up feature, my phone was stolen, so backing up on an SD card was not helpful, while the website get most of what was on the lists, I lost a lot of information, history and all.

    I have been wanted to start using this app again but am hestitant. I not longer have an SD card, but see there is a cloud back up. Does this back-up everything, receipes, lists and every bit on information that I input?

    I see in comments that you are working on IOS verision, if I have a the Android version on my phone when this is available will I also be able to get it on my Ipod and sync between? I am assuming I will need to pay for the IOS verision.

    Thank you for your help, you are doing an awesome job!!


    • Alex says:

      Selena, thank you for your feedback and your questions.

      Have you tried restoring backup from Cloud? The app automatically creates backup of all your grocery data on cloud (including History and Recipes) unless you disabled this feature in Accounts settings. Please make sure that you have “Automatic backup on cloud” option enabled under Menu > Settings > Accounts > (your account).

      It will be possible to sync all your data with iOS devices once the app is available. It will require a separate payment for Premium features though.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions or comments.

  10. Patricia Baerga says:

    Hi. There seems to be a long learning curve but I continue. I can not get the sync part to work. So far we are only working with the groceries list. I have followed the tutorial step by step. I’m told that the sync is done, but none of the changes have taken place. I am not sure where to go now. We are sitting down and copi Mbeki g are lists manually. Can you help?

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