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  1. Patricia Allen says:

    I simply LOVE it. It’s everything I would have asked for. GRREAT JOB!!

  2. Michael Hoffmann says:

    What is the best way to enter a recipe? Does it have to be entered manually line by line? Thanks

    • Alex says:

      Michael, thank you for the question.

      Yes, current version supports only line by line entry in recipes. However you can add items by typing, saying, or scanning barcode.

      I would pleased to learn what kind of input would be more convenient for you.

      • susie says:

        It would be nice to import my recipes that I added in a different program… which I won’t be using anymore since I found this amazing program!

        • Alex says:

          Susie, thank you so much for your feedback.

          I hope we will have a chance to offer recipe import feature later this year. Thanks for your interest in this feature!

  3. Jill Rice says:

    I upgraded to full version-can I transfer my grocery list from lite version to full version?

    • Alex says:

      Hi Jill, thank you for your question.

      Sure, the Full version offers the option to transfer your existing grocery lists when it could detect the existing Lite version on your phone at the first start. Please be aware that you will need to have Lite and Full with matching versions. I.e. “Beta 10″ as of time of writing.

      Looking forward to hearing from you again.

  4. bob says:

    Can I get the pound unit to break down further. Like 1.23 lb?

    • Alex says:

      Bob, thank you for your question.

      Sure, just click the “Qty” section on Edit Item Details screen. Any character other then digit can be used as decimal point. To get to Edit Item Details screen, click on the rightmost side of an item in a shopping list.

  5. Trever says:

    Some suggestions…

    Suggestion: put time-limited full-version features into the light version so that we can try them out before upgrading. I am using the light version and I would love to try the barcode scanning to see if it’s worth upgrading. Alternatively you could license certain features separately…

    Sugestion: It would be nice if the aisles would “roll up” once everything in that aisle has been checked off. Still wanna be able to unroll the but defaulting to rolling them up would make for a cleaner display and better experience.

    Suggestion: Allow password protecting lists individually. For example I am starting a christmas list, and I wouldlove to be able to password protect it.

    Suggestion: publish away for retailers to create their own inventory lists with locations of the items in the stores. You can market thisas a great way to interact with their customers as well, because you could include a way for the retailers to send store advertising to me when I open the app, as well as coupons. I would also be completely fine with you sharing detaled info about my shopping patterns in a given store to that store, so long as you don’t send my personal info (name, address, etc). I would personally love to be able to walk into a given walmart and know from a search where the kleenexes are in that store. Also, you should cache freqented store layouts on my device and leave out the ones I don’t go to. This would keep search times low.

    • Alex says:

      Hi Trever, thank you so much for your suggestions. Let me share some comments I have in this regard.

      First, Android Market offers 24-hour return policy for any purchased app. In other words, with any paid app, including Mighty Grocery, you have 24-hour trial period. As to licensing features separately, we may be taking this path in the future not to overload the original app with rarely-used features.

      Second, thank you for “rolling up” idea, it may be a part of our improvements next year. In a mean time, there is a “Move cart items down” setting (Menu –> Settings) which would display crossed-out items below Cart separator.

      Third, password protection sounds reasonable, I put it under consideration section in our plans. In a mean time you may want to password-protect your phone.

      Fourth, integration with retailers, (shhhh don’t tell anyone) is our major plan for the next year. Though it will depend on how retailers will be interested in sharing their details with our humble app.

      Let me thank you again for all your thoughts and I hope you will enjoy existing and upcoming features of our shopping app.

  6. Ellen says:

    Can a ‘Shopping List’ be removed or hidden (e.g., Loblaws, Metro) from ‘All Lists’?

  7. mel says:

    Is there a way to create your own aisle such as “canned meats”?

    • Alex says:

      Sure, just open “Aisles” tab and click add button which looks like a plus. To get to Aisles tab you need to scroll tabs bar so the rightmost tab becomes visible.

      We are going to add more details in User’s Guide soon on Aisles topic.

  8. Teresa says:

    I want the total to include the taxes.

  9. Dan says:

    Is there a global item search for an item in the data base and is there a way to move an item from favorites without deleting it and starting over? My custom lists are growing large and these things would be helpful. Thanks

    • Alex says:


      Unfortunately, there is no search yet. Though it’s a great idea and I put it on the plan list.

      As to moving favorites, I am not quite sure I understand where exactly you want to move favorites to. Could you please give a bit more details on this?


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