Mighty Grocery Shopping List: Current shopping list

Current shopping list is a key activity of Mighty Grocery. Typical usage scenario includes adding items, placing items in cart, checking out. It is also possible to open Item Details and change quantity and price.

Please make sure to see Getting Started Guide before moving on.

Add a new item

To add a new item:

  1. Click Add button (Plus) on top of Shopping list screen.
  2. Start typing item.
  3. The app shows a list of existing items from product catalog which match your entry.
  4. Click on an item to add it to the shopping list.

If item does not exist on product catalog, just continue typing to enter the full item name and click Add button.

Edit mode

To activate Edit mode tap Lightning button. Tap the icon again to deactivate Edit mode.

In Edit mode you can quickly add items using Voice and Barcode scan. Also, you can change order of items using drag-drop if  “Sort by name” option is OFF under Menu > Settings > Options > Sort options. Just touch and hold a record on the right side and drag it up or down to the place you want.

Edit item

To edit an item, e.g. set item price, quantity, etc. tap on the right side of a row to open Edit item screen.

Delete item

Shopping list Edit modeTo delete an item:

  1. Long-tap item to bring up a context menu.
  2. Choose Delete.
  3. Your item is deleted.

Postpone item

If you decided not to buy an item during your shopping trip, you could postpone it until next checkout. Here’s the scenario:

  1. Long-tap an item > Postpone
  2. The item is hidden from the list.
  3. Check other items > tap Checkout
  4. Postponed items will be placed on shopping list again.

You can use Sort and filter command in Side Menu to show All / Current or Postponed only.

Sort and filter

By default, items are grouped by aisles and are not sorted by name so you could reorder items manually. Default sort options are specified under Menu > Settings > Options > Sort options.

If you would like to change default sort options, tap Side menu > Sort and filter > uncheck Use default sort options.

Move items to a different shopping list

To move an item to a different shopping list use the following steps:

  1. Open Edit Item screen by clicking on the right of an item in shopping list.
  2. Click Shopping list property.
  3. Select shopping list you would like to move item to.
  4. The item is moved to a different shopping list.

Assign items to multiple stores

In order to assign items to multiple stores it will require a Master list, say “Groceries”, and a few sub-lists which would represent your stores, say “Whole Foods” and “Costco”. If you assign an item to Groceries, it will be listed under Groceries, Whole Foods and Costco. If you assign item directly to a store’s list, it will be listed under that store and under Master list e.g. Groceries.

Please see Manage shopping lists User’s Guide for more details on how to get your Master list configured.

178 Responses to Mighty Grocery Shopping List: Current shopping list

  1. Karen says:

    How do you rearrange the aisles order to match the store aisles? Thanks for a great app.

  2. Karen says:

    Hi! I am new to the whole smart phone.. . .just trying to figure out your app. It is going to be so handy. I always have my phone. I add items when I think of them throughout the day. Now my question, can you rearrange the aisle as to the store you are shopping. Sorry if this is clearly written in the directions.

  3. zasha says:

    I was wondering if you had considered a Pantry list option? We could use the bar code reader to document our list.
    I love the app, btw. I have been using another 1 4 a while now but the way we can shop by aisle is to tempting to not check out.
    Thanks for the gr8 app.

  4. Barbara Schulman says:

    I love this application. However, I have not been successful using the bar code
    feature. It reads the code but has never been able to identify the product.

    • Alex says:

      Barbara, thank you for your feedback.

      Kindly note that application needs Internet access in order to locate a product. Is your phone connected to Internet?

  5. Karen says:

    Maybe I am confused-during checkout isn’t there a way to see your totals.as you go? For.instance I only have $100 today, can I see a running total less coupons? And compare at checkstand in the event the cashier missed something? Thanks!

    • Alex says:

      Hi Karen, thank you for your question.

      Kindly note that total amount is available in the bottom of shopping list tab. Coupons and taxes are reflected in the total.

      Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you again.

      • Karen says:

        Thx Alex, and at this point I will admit I should first read more of your docm. before whipping out. Comments! On my other comment I should have referred to My Favorites, vs either ‘System’ or ‘Standard’ lists! thx for your kind patience. Karen

  6. Bob G says:

    My wife and I both have smart phones and would like to be able to add and check of items from a web-based list in real time so that we don’t duplicate purchases when we are shopping separately. Does your app allow two users to access and synchronize the same list data?

  7. Jeff P says:

    I know many have asked for the feature to attach an
    Item to multiple lists, add my name to that list and ki wanted to point out after reading this help file you are very close with the move item to different list…if I could choose to copy item to another list that would do it
    Also I think that one of the things that makes MG unique is the awesome support

  8. Marco Foschi says:

    First of all let me see that your app is a must have!
    I have a small request: imagine that you’re filling your list because you are going into one market (say Walmart).
    When you have filled the list, you change your mind, and now your’re going to Metro.
    But Metroh as different aisles.
    Is it possibile to add a feature to “move” a set of object (e.g. all the products inside the list) into a different one?
    I fill the list every day, and on saturdy or sunday I decide where to go to buy that stuff :-)

    Thanks and best regards

    • Alex says:

      Hi Marco, thank you so much for your feedback.

      Kindly note that there is a feature under consideration in our plans called “Move multiple items to a different shopping list”. It is supposed to do what you describe.

      However, you may want to try the following approach using Master list feature. In addition to “Walmart” and “Metro” shopping lists it will require one more shopping list, say “Groceries”, which will play a role of master list.

      1. Open Groceries list for editing from All lists page and check “Master list” setting.
      2. Add Walmart and Metro as sublists to the Groceries.
      3. Assign items to Groceries list.
      4. Open Walmart list –> you will see all items from Groceries arranged by Walmart aisles
      5. Open Metro list –> Groceries arranged by Metro aisles.

      Please let me know if this works for you. Thanks!

  9. Kelly Jo says:

    I am impressed with your quick responses. I just downloaded it today and I am reading through and noting how quickly you respond. I look forward to the coupon feature.

    I recommend you see if you might be able to work with http://www.thegrocerygame.com that already has stores providing her with prices and sales, then recommends a coupon match. I do have to pay, but it is only $10 for four months of lists. Combining that site and this app would be fabulous. And her coupon database is top notch.

    • Alex says:

      Hi Kelly, thank you for your feedback and suggestion.

      I agree with you that integrating with coupon listing sites would be a great benefit. We keep it as a part of our year 2011 plans. And the Coupon Indicator feature will be available in the very next release.

      Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you again.

  10. Linda says:

    Hi, I’m loving this app but have one major thing I can’t figure out (and I’ve searched but can’t find it). I’ve done a list but the items are not listed in order, nor do they have the aisle name at the top. My list view screen just has “groceries” and a list of items in the order they were entered. I note in your screenshot, the list view has the Dairy Aisle heading with dairy items listed underneath, Fruits & Veggies, etc., not lumped together without headings like mine. I do have the group together by Aisle checked off in settings. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help. This would make it 100% perfect for me!


    • Alex says:

      Hi Linda, thank you for your feedback.

      I guess the reason for the wrong behavior is that the Master list option is checked for your Groceries list. So please open All lists screen, tap on (>) for Groceries and then make sure that Master list check is off.

      Since you have Group by aisles check off, the items should be sorted alphabetically. If you ever need items to be grouped by aisles, just check on Group by aisles option.

      Hopefully this helps. Feel free to get in touch if you need any further assistance.

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