Mighty Grocery Shopping List: Edit Item Details

Edit item screen enables modifications of item fields such as  quantity, units, price, aisle, discount, etc. To open this screen, tap on the right side of the row in current shopping list.

Any change to item fields can be reverted by tapping Undo button which appears on top of the screen after any change is made, or from Menu > Undo.

Item details can be changed with voice by tapping microphone button on top of the screen and then saying changes to be made, for instance “3 pounds” or “4 dollars 75 cents”.

It is also possible to assign barcode by tapping Barcode button and scanning a product barcode.

Please note that by default all changes to item fields are automatically propagated to items with the same name. Please see Linked and Isolated changes section below for more details.

Changing quantity, units and price

To change item quantity and price:

  1. Tap on the right side of Qty/units area to choose measurement unit from configurable list. Or long-tap the same spot to enter any measurement unit as a plain text.
  2. Tap on the left side of Qty/units area to change item quantity.
  3. Tap increase/decrease buttons (above Qty/units area) to quickly adjust item quantity by configured increment. Long-tap increase or decrease button to set item-specific increment value.
  4. Tap unit price area to specify item price per unit. Total price will be calculated as Unit Price * Qty.
  5. Tap total price area to specify item total price. When you enter total price, unit price is calculated as Total price / Qty and then total price is re-evaluated to match Unit Price * Qty.

ATM option allows entering price without decimal point. I.e. instead of typing “1.23” you could just type “123”.

Note: Measurement Units can be configured in Units settings.

Move or Copy items to a different shopping list

To move an item to a different shopping list take the following steps:

  1. Open Edit item screen by clicking on the right of an item in shopping list.
  2. Tap Shopping list field.
  3. Select Move to or Copy to
  4. Select shopping list you would like to move item to. Or you can select multiple destination lists for copy.
  5. The item is moved or copied to a selected shopping list(s).

Coupon / Discount

Coupon indicator feature enables two things. First, it is possible to specify discount value as either percent or fixed amount and get item’s total price adjusted by the discount. Second, in shopping list, item will have an icon indicating if it has a coupon.

Here how it works:

  1. Tap Coupon / Discount field. Discount menu shows up.
  2. Choose discount type:
    1. Percent (unit price is reduced by given percent)
    2. Fixed amount (total price is reduced by coupon value)
    3. Amount per unit (unit price is reduced by coupon value)
    4. Sale price (unit price of item on sale)
    5. Simple indicator (just indicator, no discount amount)
    6. Buy 1 get X free
  3. Enter discount value when prompted.
  4. Tap Save.
  5. Now your item has a discount associated with it.
  6. When you tap Coupon / Discount field again, you will be offered to Set expiry date or Remove coupon.


If you’d like attach a photo to your item, just tap Photo button next to the comments field and choose Pick photo or Take photo. Pick photo allows you to select a photo from your photo gallery or from your SD Card. Take photo uses your handset’s camera to take a photo and then attach the photo to the item.

When a photo is attached to an item, tap the photo and you can View photo or do some changes. Pick photo or Take photo will replace existing photo with a new one. Clear photo removes the photo from the item.

NOTE: This is a Premium feature and it requires Mighty Grocery to be logged in to an account.

Price history

To see the history of item purchases, tap the Link button in the upper-left corner of the Edit Item Details screen and choose Price History.


If you want to indicate that item is taxable, tap on tax field to show Tax value menu.

Tax rate values are specified in Menu > Settings > Options > Regional settings > Tax rates. Total price of an item is updated to reflect selected tax rate.

You can also long-tap tax field to enter any specific tax value for this item or choose Edit option from the Tax value menu.

Choose Set as default to assign current tax value as default to all new items.

Linked and Isolated changes

By default, all items with the same name are linked and any changes in shopping list will propagate to Favorites and Pick list, also any changes in Favorites will propagate to Pick list. This means that any change to name, quantity, price, aisle are propagated to all items with the same name following this route: Shopping lists –> Favorites –> Pick list. Changes in Pick list won’t propagate to Favorites or Shopping lists.

In case you would like to unlink items to provide isolated changes, tap the Link button in the upper-left corner of Edit Item tab and choose Unlink.

Note: these are new propagation rules effective since Mighty Grocery v.1.1

105 Responses to Mighty Grocery Shopping List: Edit Item Details

  1. valerina says:

    How do I manually enter a list item example “gummies”?

    • Alex says:

      Hi Valerina, thank you for your question.

      To manually enter a new item, just click Add button (Plus) on top of your shopping list, enter the full item name when prompted, click “Add”.

      The User’s Guide has just been updated to address your question. Thank you!

  2. Alexey says:

    It would be nice if “Link” ignores quantity.

  3. HPH says:

    I am impressed with the capability and flexibility of the Mighty Grocery App but, after reading the User’s Guide, can’t quite figure out how to do the following. Is it possible to do the following and if so, can you point me in the correct direction?

    We have about 300 items we keep in stock in our home, organized by pantry, freezer, refrigerator, special shelf and bathroom. I’d like to put all these items into a “Home” list, with these categories (i.e., call them “Aisles” with customized names like “010-Pantry”, “020-Freezer”, etc.). Then I’d like to have those same items appear in a “Wal-Mart” list, but be able to give them different “Aisle” assignments (e.g., ones that correspond to the store’s layout, “000-Fresh Fruit & Veg”, “010-Frozen Fruit”, “020-Frozen Meats”, etc.). Then I’d like to go through the “Home” list and identify the things we need (want them displayed in that list’s Aisle sequence so we can efficiently check what we have/need, and then display those identified items on the “Wal-Mart” list in that list’s Aisle sequence. This way we can create a shopping list by reviewing the items as they’re laid out in our home and then shop for them the way they’re laid out in the store. To take it one step further, we also sometimes shop at Kroger, so I’d like to be able to create a Kroger shopping list with customized Aisle names (similar, but different than those in the Wal-Mart list). If I buy something when shopping at Wal-Mart, I don’t want it to show up as a “needed” item on the Kroger list. How can I do this?

    • Alex says:

      Hello, thank you so much for your feedback.

      I guess that “Pantry/Inventory manager” feature planned later this year is the best match to what you describe. Unfortunately, the current implementation won’t support it. Anyway, thanks for giving your feedback as this helps most demanded features to move up in the priority list.

      As to aisle configuration, the Settings User’s Guide gives some details about this. And Current List User’s Guide describes how to move items to a different shopping list.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions.

  4. Sue Roberts says:

    When adding recipes, that have the same items, is there a way to link those items…i.e. Recipe of “Spagheti” uses tomato sauce, and Recipe of “Casserole” also uses tomato sauce. When I add both recipes to my grocery list, it still only shows one can of tomato sauce, even tho I need 2.

    Also, if I need more than one of everything, I cannot figure out how to change an item to 2

    • Alex says:

      Hi Sue, thank you for your feedback and your questions.

      Unfortunately, both of the scenarios you mentioned are not implemented yet. However, we plan these improvement to recipe feature after the next release.

      Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you again.

  5. Marvin F. Fredricks says:

    I must first say I like the app very much. My only comment is that my store aisles are numbered, not marked by content. Is there any way I can use numbers?

    • Alex says:

      Hi Marvin, thanks for your question and feedback.

      I guess you may want to put aisle number in aisle name at More –> Aisles. Please let me know if that would work for you.

  6. Steve says:

    How do I delete an item?

    • Alex says:


      To delete an item you may want either
      1) On Edit Item Details screen –> phone’s Menu button –> Delete
      2) Long-press item in shopping list –> Select Delete from Context Menu.

      Best regards,

  7. Greg says:

    I think I found a problem with the tax calculation.

    I recently purchased 8 items, 3 of which are taxable.
    Here are the amounts for each item;

    Item 1 $4.29 Taxable
    Item 2 $4.29 Taxable
    Item 3 1.79 Non-Taxable
    Item 4 1.79 Non-Taxable
    Item 5 1.79 Non-Taxable
    (Items 4 & 5 are identical items entered with a quantity of 2)
    Item 6 1.79 Non-Taxable
    Item 7 2.59 Non-Taxable
    Item 8 1.79 Taxable

    Total for all items is $20.12
    Sales tax for the 3 taxable items totaling 10.37 is .7388625 at a tax rate of 7.125 and is rounded up to .74
    So the total for the transaction comes to $20.86.
    Mighty grocery shows a total $20.87
    I have checked and made sure the amounts are entered correctly.

    • Alex says:

      Hi Greg, thank you for providing so much details.

      The difference in total is due to Mighty Grocery rounds total price for each item individually, rather then rounding up a subtotal.

      Using your sample 7.125% tax rate, consider two items with unit price of $.10. If these items added to shopping list as two rows, each of them will show a total of $0.11 ($0.107125) giving a list total of $0.22. However, if two rows are merged into a single row with unit price of $0.10 and quantity of 2, the total for that row will be $.021 ($0.21425).

      Please let me know if this difference is critical and you would like Mighty Grocery to introduce subtotal rounding as another option.

      Thank you again for your feedback.

  8. Nancy Read says:


    I’m a brand new user and really enjoying the app. In units, however, I would like to suggest that you add “can” as a quantity. Also, I would like the can size, 16 oz, 25 oz, etc.


    • Alex says:

      Hi Nancy, thanks for your feedback and your question.

      We may be adding “can” to a standard set of units, as well as ability to customize existing units. In a mean time, you can long-press units field and type any unit you’d like.

      As to can size, I suggest to use Comments field. Also you may want to try put can size in line #2 of item name. 2nd line will be displayed with smaller font on shopping list.

      Thanks again and looking forward to your further questions.

  9. Mike Olson says:

    Hey, I’ve run into a strange problem. I updated one of my items with a new quantity and added a sub-name to it by entering something on a new line in the Name field. However, now everything I add to my lists automatically uses that same quantity and sub-name. This is annoying, since that sub-name and quantity only applied to the one item. How can I change these defaults so they are automatically a quanity of 1 ea with an empty sub-name?


    • Alex says:

      Mike, thank you for your question.

      The problem you describe existed in Beta 8 release and has been fixed with Beta 8* update available on Android Market now. Please upgrade to Beta 8* and feel free to contact us if any strange behavior persists. Sorry for inconvenience.

  10. tony says:

    I cannot figure out how to enter in 1.99.
    I do not see a dot or comma for the cents.

    • Alex says:

      Tony, thanks for the feedback.

      I guess your phone has android firmware slightly changed by your carrier since standard keyboard for editing Unit Price looks like this.

      It might be challenging for you to make a shot of your phone screen when editing Unit Price (though if you are open to this, feel free to use our Screenshots tool for Android). However I will appreciate if you could at least let me know you phone model, Android OS version, country, and carrier. It will be safe to drop us an email at hi@mightypocket.com to keep your data in privacy.

    • Alex says:

      Tony, just a quick follow-up on your request. With the release of Beta 6 it’s possible to use any symbol available on the keypad as decimal separator. To display the value, a decimal separator from your locale settings will be used.
      Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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