Mighty Grocery Shopping List: Dashboard (Home screen)

Mighty Grocery dashboard displays a few customizable buttons which allow quick access to application features.

A Single tap on a button will navigate you to the selected screen. Tap Android icon to change Design theme or go to any tab of the app.

Information messages are displayed in the bottom of the screen. You can hide any message by tapping x on the right side, or you can long-tap the banner and choose Dismiss All.

Configure buttons to your taste

Just long-tap a button and select a page which you’d like to assign to the button. You can also Reset all customizations made to the buttons.

Options Menu

Clicking the phone’s Menu button will show Options Menu:

  • Settings – opens settings screen.
  • Help – opens this page.
  • About – opens web page with information about application.

90 Responses to Mighty Grocery Shopping List: Dashboard (Home screen)

  1. Robyn says:

    Hi I have the full beta version 12. Can u tell me how to sink with other Droid phones ?

    • Alex says:

      Hi Robyn, thank you for your question.

      In order to sync shopping lists on two phones, you need to create account, make sure Auto Sync is ON, push list to cloud and then pull list from cloud on the other device. The list will be auto-sync’ed since then. More details are available in Sync with Cloud User’s Guide.

      Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

  2. Maddie says:

    Would you consider adding coupons? That would be awesome! I love this app, Mom of three boys and spend a lit of time at the store. I own the full version and it makes my life easier.

    • Alex says:

      Hi Maddie, thank you for your suggestion and your feedback.

      We have “Coupon indicator” feature on the short-term list in our plans. Hopefully it is going to be available very soon.

      Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you again.

      • greg says:

        Please do put in the coupon indicator feature. That would be a huge plus for me.

        • Alex says:

          Hi Greg,

          Kindly note that coupon indicator can be set on Edit Item Details screen. To get there, open your shopping list, tap (>) on the right side of an item. In the lower part of the Edit Item Details screen there is a Coupon / Discount check. Tap it and set either percent or amount value of a coupon.

          Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you again.

          • greg says:


            Thanks for the quick answer. I actually just found it noodling around with it. Have you considered a simpler, one-touch just “coupon” column, rather than going in, marking a coupon or percent off, etc?

          • Alex says:

            Greg, I doubt there is enough space for a separate coupon column on a phone screen. We may be considering it for tablet version of the app though.

  3. Val says:

    Love this app. Is it possible to share my list with husband who also has the app on his samsung epic. I can send via email and messaging. Thanks

    • Alex says:

      Hi Valerie, thanks for your feedback and the question.

      Yes, you can share a shopping list via email or messaging in the current version of our shopping app. Just click the Menu button while you are in shopping list and choose Share. The app will offer you several options to share your list.

      Kindly note that we currently are working to make instant List Sync available in Full version so that any changes to your shopping list will get delivered to the other device without extra clicks.

      Looking forward to hearing from you again.

  4. jim says:

    Just purchased “Full.” Where are “Recipes” as indicated in list of add’l features that come w/ “Full” vs. “Lite”?

    • Alex says:

      Hi Jim, thanks for your question.

      By default, the recipes feature is available at More page. There are two options available: List of Recipes and Recipe details.

      To get easier access to your recipes you may consider the following:

      1. Touch and move the second button on the home screen until Recipes button shows up. Similarly, you may want to slide the third button to show More. Please find more details about configuring home screen buttons in Home screen User’s Guide
      2. Click Configure Tabson More page and set checks next to Recipe pages to have them available all the time on top of the main screen.

      Looking forward to hearing from you again.

  5. Arlie says:

    I’m trying to do the obvious – put something on my list that is not in the list of items that comes with the application. It’s very much non obvious how to create e.g. an entry for “rye bread” (you have white, brown, and generic). I imagine I could edit one of the existing entries, but that’s not helpful.

    I have the “lite” version – not likely to buy the full version unless I can figure out how to use the app 😉

    • Alex says:

      Hi Arlie, thank you for your question.

      The easiest way to add a new item is to go to shopping list, click Add button (green plus on top-right) and then type in a new item name. As you finished typing, just click add and you are done.

      For your convenience, the app will remember your new item and it will pop up as a search suggestion next time you add an item to a shopping list.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions.

  6. Keith says:

    Soy sauce is spelled wrong.

  7. Peter says:

    Commented yesterday about changing store selections. Today I discovered how. Great program. Recommended highly!


  8. Steve says:

    Could it possibly get any better than this?

  9. Erik says:

    I love Mighty Groceries and want to use it more. The only problem is no SMS option under sharing? Email works but no SMS. Anyway to get this?

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