Mighty Grocery Shopping List: Manage aisles

Aisles Activity allows you adding, hiding, renaming and sorting aisles (departments) in your Android shopping lists.

Aisles tab is accessible through Menu –> Settings –> Aisles.

Important note: selector on top contains lists with customized aisles only.

To change aisle order and/or delete aisles, click Lightning button to turn edit mode On. Grab the handle on the left of an item and move it to the position you want. Click Lightning again to turn edit mode Off.

To add a custom aisle, click Add button (green plus) and enter new aisle name when prompted.

To delete aisle long click the aisle and select Delete from Context Menu.

To hide aisle (from search and Pick list) click an aisle so that it is crossed out and hidden from Pick list and search. Clicking crossed aisle again will show it back in Pick list and search.

To rename aisle click the button on the right of the aisle to get to Edit Aisle screen. Then enter a new name for the aisle.

To sort aisles by name click phone Menu button –> Sort by name.

Customizing aisles per shopping lists

By default all shopping lists use the standard aisle configuration. Sometimes you may want to reorder, hide or create new aisles for specific shopping lists. The following scenario explain how to do such customization.

  1. Open Aisles tab with Menu –> Settings –> Aisles.
  2. Select a shopping list in top selector, OR
  3. Click Customize –> Select the shopping list you want aisles to be customized for.
  4. Activate Edit mode by clicking a lightning button.
  5. Make changes such as reorder aisles, hide/show, delete, add, or rename aisle.
  6. If you want to revert to the standard aisle configuration, click Reset.

Parent aisle

Parent aisle field is used to link aisles from customized configurations to aisles from Any list configuration. This may be helpful if you decide to customize aisles for a list to change aisle names and/or order, but still want to use the same set of products in Pick list.

For instance, imagine that Whole Foods list has customized aisles and there is a Bakery aisle in Any list.

Option 1: Bakery aisle of Whole Foods links to Any list’s Bakery. In this case any item/product assigned to Any list’s Bakery will be available for Whole Foods list under Pick list.

Option 2: Bakery aisle of Whole Foods does NOT link to Any list’s Bakery. In this case Bakery aisle for Whole Foods will contain its own set of items under Pick list.

78 Responses to Mighty Grocery Shopping List: Manage aisles

  1. Vicky says:

    Diane says:
    April 13, 2013 at 5:13 pm
    Regarding aisles, I went into settings to customize my aisle list and it looks correct. Then when I go into my grocery list, chose an item and try to put it in an aisle, it brings up the original aisle list. Not the one I customized. Can you help me with this?

    I have the same problem and I haven’t seen an answer for this question.

    PS: I have been using the same shopping list for years which I thought was great but when I got my new phone this app has been discontinued. So I tried your free app based on the reviews and then promptly bought the full version. This is far and away the best app for a “pathological” organiser like me :-)

  2. Carrie says:


    I swear Ive seen this feature before, but Ive been trying to figure it out for a couple hours now and I can’t… I’m trying to change my default Aisle from Other to Fruits and Vegetables but I can’t seem to locate the place to do this. Can you help me?


    • Alex says:

      Carrie, unfortunately there is no way to change default aisle in MG. You can rename “Other” aisle to “Fruits and Vegetables”, but this is not recommended.

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