Mighty Grocery Shopping List: Manage shopping lists (All lists)

All lists tab allows creating any number of shopping lists, change list names, select current list, open a list for shopping.

You may want to name a list after a store like “Whole Foods” or “Costco” to track products you want to buy within a specific store.

You can re-order records manually if you switch to Edit mode (lightning button), then touch dragging icon and move record to the place you want.

Add shopping list (store)

To add a shopping list:

  1. Open All lists tab
  2. Click add button (green plus)
  3. Provide a name for the new list
  4. Click Save button
  5. The new shopping list will get created

Edit shopping list (store)

To edit a shopping list:

  1. Open All lists tab.
  2. Tap on the right side of a row which you would like to modify.
  3. Make changes in Edit list screen.
  4. Tap Done to close Edit list screen.

Delete shopping list (store)

To delete a shopping list:

  1. Navigate to All lists tab.
  2. Long click the list you want to delete.
  3. Select Delete from the list of options.
  4. The shopping list and all its items will be deleted.

Note: if you need to rollback changes, click Menu –> Undo.

List-specific Favorites

If you would like to configure a specific set of items for a shopping list, for instance if you buy some items from a certain shop only, take to following steps:

  1. Open All lists tab.
  2. Click (>) next to the list you want to configure specific favorites for.
  3. Click on List-specific Favorites to make sure it is checked.
  4. Go to Favorites tab by clicking Favorites.
  5. Populate favorites list with specific items for this list.

From now on, the Favorites tab for this shopping list will contain only items you have chosen.


Super-lists allow grouping several shopping lists into a single listing. The most common use is to have a shopping list, say “Groceries”, to aggregate items from shopping lists associated with stores like “Loblaws” or “Whole Foods”.

To set up a super-list take the following steps:

  1. Open All lists tab.
  2. Click (>) next to the list you want to configure as Super-list.
  3. Click Super-list to make sure it is checked.
  4. Click on Sublists and check sublists you would like to include into this super-list.

From now on, List tab for Groceries will display items from enclosed lists grouped by list names.

Related considerations:

  1. If item is assigned to a Super list, it will be displayed in every sublist.
  2. Items in master list are grouped by sublists. Aisle grouping won’t take affect.
  3. A shopping list may be enclosed in several Super-lists.
  4. Super-list cannot be sublist of another Super-list.

170 Responses to Mighty Grocery Shopping List: Manage shopping lists (All lists)

  1. Bill says:

    Hi. I’m a new “full” user, as will be obvious when reading my questions. In preparation to trying out the webUI I needed to select which lists to push. That’s when I noticed that there are two entries for “Aldi’s”, one with a star. I’m not aware that I set up two lists for “Aldi’s”. What is the meaning of the star?

    • Alex says:

      Hi Bill, thanks for your question.

      Kindly note that the list with the star is list-specific Favorites for your “Aldi’s” store. If you don’t want to sync your favorites for “Aldi’s”, just ignore the list with the star.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions.

  2. suzy says:

    I shop in the order of the store. I see how you can group the items by aisle but can I move the groups? Egg I start in the fruits and veggies sexton how do I get that the first group on my list. Is this possible?

  3. Gibran says:

    Great APP!
    A sugestion:
    I need a management that allows me to have a monthly list (supermarkets) and subordinate to it, a weekly list (grocery store).
    So when I went to the supermarket, I would also see the weekly list at the same time.
    And when I went to the grocery store, I only see the weekly list.

    • Alex says:

      Hi Gibran, thanks for your feedback and suggestion.

      You may want to try the Master list feature for your convenience. You will need to create a Master list which will aggregate your supermarkets and grocery stores. This way all your items will be listed under Master list but you still can have store-specific listing by choosing store’s list.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions.

  4. Shawn says:

    The Notes display option is not working in the lite version on my Galaxy Tab. Always shows the yellow triangle when flagged to show comments.

    Great app – dropped “Out of Milk” because of the way you use pricing.

    • Alex says:

      Hi Shawn, thank you so much for your feedback and your question.

      Could you please confirm that “Show full comments” option is ON in Menu –> Settings –> Options? Thanks.

  5. stopthemadness says:

    How do i get rid of this shoppong list

  6. jim felty says:

    How do you delete an item off of All Lists. I don’t use Safeway and would like to delete it. I use Sams Club, added it, is great. Thanks…..

  7. Dale Nelson says:

    And did I mention that this is now the coolest app on my droid x? Although I have 50 + premium apps on this phone, Mighty Grocery is also the one I use the most. Ever notice how many apps you have on your phone that you don’t even use? This one gets used. IMO, The two best reasons to have an app on your phone are to save time and to save money (I don’t do games). The good news is, I save more time with Mighty Grocery than all the others put together. The bad news is, shopping is so much fun now, I can go to Costco and spend $300 in less than 10 minutes :)

  8. Dale Nelson says:

    Come to think of it, if you decide to have the app save expiration dates, you might as well have it send a text a day or two before things start growing.

  9. Dale Nelson says:

    Would it be possible to add a shelf life field to the item database? That way when an item is purchased, the app could calculate its expiration date. A menu selection could then display a list of items with approaching expiration dates. Items with the nearest expiration date would appear at the top of that list. This could reduce food waste and cut down on the number moldy items you discover in the back of the refrigerator.

  10. Dale Nelson says:

    I also find no use for master lists. Each store has a different price, different quantity, and different brand, for each item. I want to keep items completely separate, so I have to unlink each item as I enter it, and I have to re enter the item for each store. It would be great if I could just select an item from a master list, and then edit it to fit the store. The next best thing would be if I could copy items from one list to another. For instance, I could take my entire spices section from an existing store and copy it to a different store, in a different aisle. I’m guessing this will be possible in the web app, so maybe that will solve my problem. So when will the web app be available?

    • Alex says:

      Hi Dale, thank you for you considerations.

      Kindly note that ability to assign items to different stores is planned later this year. We also consider copying multiple items between stores down the road. As to web app, please see access details on our twitter. However, please be aware that it’s a very basic web app which allows simple adding/editing of shopping lists pushed from device.

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