Pantry Manager is used to track product stock in different locations of your house. Fridge, cupboards, pantries are now under your control.

  1. Add items to your Pantry list.
  2. Set Target Quantity for items.
  3. Move slider to set remaining quantity
  4. When you checking out, purchased items will update stock in Pantry with purchased quantity.
  5. It’s possible to create multiple Pantry lists for different locations in your house.

Update Pantry on Checkout

When you tap Checkout button in shopping list, Checkout summary window pops up. Select Update Pantry to get items in your Pantry updated or select Add & Update Pantry to add new items to Pantry as well.

If Estimate quantity is enabled, the app will attempt to estimate consumption rate. When you add pantry records along with checkout, consumption rate for these items will be computed automatically on the next checkout, based on the number of days passed since first checkout.

Select product for shopping list

When you tap an item under Pantry tab, a record is added to current shopping list. First, the app will try to locate product in Favorites list. If favorite item is not found, the app will search in Pick list.

You can modify the related product using Product for shopping list option under Edit pantry.

Estimated quantity

Remaining quantity can be estimated using Consumption rate or Days left. Enable Estimate quantity, set Purchase date, and move slider to set remaining quantity. In a few days remaining stock will be less by the estimated consumption rate.

You can switch between Consumption rate and Days left by tapping Consumption field and choosing Show rate or Show days left. You can set Consumption rate manually by tapping Consumption field and entering rate of consumption.

77 Responses to Pantry

  1. Nancy says:

    I’m finding that when I long click “checkout” on my phone I don’t get an option to add things to my pantry. It just checks me out and that’s it. The option shows up on my tablet, but that’s not what I take grocery shopping. Is there something special I need to do so that feature appears on my phone? Thanks!

  2. Nancy says:

    I’m trying to figure out the pantry thing. How am I supposed to keep track of what I’ve used up? Do I just delete the item? There are directions on how to add to it but not how to keep track of what you used.

  3. Alan F says:

    I have encountered a very similar problem as MrsB, only that the problem occurs not with favourite items, but when I am in an item in the Pantry and click “>” of “Product for shopping list”. Say there is Item X and Item Y and they both have the same generic name, doing so in Item Y will jump to the item detail of Item X. Needless to say it is very frustrating. As MrsB suggested, the system should have searched for the exact same generic AND product name for the correct item detail.

    Another problem is when Item X has a quantity of 5ea, and I add it to shopping list, the shopping list would show an initial buying quantity of 5ea (directly copied from pantry quantity). If the app cannot be sure how many the user would want to buy an item, it could ask, becuase personally I think it is better for the app to guide the user through instead of having the user act like an engineer and remember what to do in where. And the problem goes on. When the “target quantity” is lower than “stock quantity” (say target: 5ea, stock: 7ea) but the user add it to shopping list anyway, the app would show NEGATIVE NUMBERS, meaning the user would need to buy “-2ea” which means selling items! This is just too unrealistic and the app is NOT acting like any real life grocery behavior. Not to mention many other flaws such as deleted items or items that have been updated a few times would show mutiple copies on the pick list. Deleted grocery list also still appear on the web version database too, just to name a few.

    Frankly speaking, and despite of I am a paid user who has been frustrated by various other design flaws of this app, I understand you guys have put in a lot of efforts, but I also honestly believe this app should not be out asking for money when there are simply too many linking problems. If a customer shall use your app very seriously, they would find there are just too many problems.

    As you can see I have also provided suggestions, but most importantly is for you guys to concentrate efforts on acting as a grocery handler and trialing for errors, which should not be that hard if we users can find them out easily.

    Hope you guys can true unleash the true potential of this app soon.

    • Alex says:

      Hi Alan, I really appreciate your feedback as it helps us to make the app better.

      We are aware about the inconvenience with Generic names in Pantry and plan the fix in the next update. As for adding negative Qty to shopping list, it was our fault to miss it as the scenario of adding item with full stock to a shopping list is very uncommon. Anyway you are right, the app should handle this the right way.

      If you don’t want to keep items on Pick list, please uncheck the following option: Menu > Settings > Options > Advanced > Keep automatic picks.

      To delete grocery list from web, just go to Menu > Settings > Accounts > (your account) > Cloud actions > Delete list.

      Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

  4. MrsB says:

    Hi Alex

    I have same issue as posted my Jaime Lemley on Oct 1. But in my case i have a few different cereals (ie. X, Y, Z) entered in Store A Favorites List but they all have the same ‘Cereal’ generic name. When I checkout say cereal Z, this cereal Z gets automatically added to the Pantry List. Then when this particular cereal Z gets subsequently depleted in the Pantry and I check on it to add it to back to Store A grocery list (i have Store A selected on top of the Pantry), the app. seems to add cereal X to Store A grocery list, not cereal Z. It appears that the appn. searches in the selected store Favorites list (in this case Store A Favorites) and grabs the 1st item that matches the Generic Name. I think the proper search methodology should match by both Generic Name AND Name fields. Is my understanding correct?? How can i have it add the proper Cereal Z? I dont’ want to remove the Generic name in the Pantry becaue the Pantry is populated via the Favorite list and i have Generic names set up in all items in all my different Favorites List so that i can use the appn price comparison feature.

    • Alex says:

      Thank you for providing the details. We will plan a change in the next update so that adding from Pantry will first look for exact match of name and if nothing found, Generic name will be used. Hopefully this will help in your scenario. Please let me know if you have any further questions or comments.

      • MrsB says:

        What do think of implementing the following feature:
        In the Pantry instead of the user selecting the shopping list to add items to, remove the need to have to select the shopping list.

        Instead when the user clicks on a grocery item in the Pantry to add to a shopping list your new Search methodology will look for an exact Name match in all Stores’ Favorites list. If a Store’s Favorites list contains that grocery item then it gets added to that store’s Grocery list. If there are mutliple stores whose Favorites List contain that same grocery item, a pop-up appears allowing the user to select which of those store’s Grocery list to add that item to.

      • Alex says:

        This is a good idea. We will plan it in the next round of improvements to the Pantry feature.

  5. Ben B says:

    Is there any to easily reduce the number of an item from the main pantry screen (top Pic at the top of the page)? If there isn’t one will there be?

  6. Jaime Lemley says:

    One more issue I am running into to. When I add an item from a Pantry list to another list, in this case my list-specific Favorite list, it will fail to add if I have the generic name set for the item and another item with the same generic exists on the list. For example, if I have Kellog’s Apple Jacks Cereal on the Favorite list and have the Generic set to “Cereal”, I cannot add Kellog’s Froot Loops with a Generic set to “Cereal”. I have to delete the Generic name from the item in the Pantry list, add it to the Favorite list, and then set the Generic name again in both the Pantry list and the Favorites list. So again, it is another time where I have to enter information more than once for the same item.

    • Alex says:

      Jaime, if you’d like to track your pantry stock by brand, there is a chance that you don’t need to populate Generic Name field in pantry. Have you tried leaving it blank for Pantry records?

  7. Jaime Lemley says:

    I’d like to see updates to items on one list populate to the other lists they are in. Not the aisles or pricing of course since this will change by location if you have list-specific-favorites setup, but adding images, updating the description, these should carry over. I am still populating my lists and it is a bit wonky at times because I have to upload images twice if the item was added without an image initially.

    • Alex says:

      Jamie, thanks for your feedback. I’d recommend starting with populating your product database under Menu > Settings > Pick list. And then copy items to Favorites, Pantry, etc.

  8. Jaime Lemley says:

    I am evaluating Mighty Grocery against a few other apps. So far, it seems fairly complete. One functional issue I noticed, and perhaps it is user error. I have several Pantry lists setup for various parts of the house (e.g., Fridge, Freezer, Bar). I also created list-specific-favorites for 3 of the main stores I frequent. I added items from one of those lists to a grocery list. That worked well. I marked them as purchased and used the checkout feature. I selected “Update Pantry”. This is where it failed. My history for the list-specific favorite (the store) was updated with the transaction and items that were purchased, but the items in my “Fridge” Pantry list were all updated to quantity of zero, rather than 1. I had all of them set to “Qty” of one with unit set to “each” n the Fridge Pantry list. I tried this a few times and each time, it updated my item quantity to zero.

  9. Alan says:

    When I add groceries to a list can there be a visible prompt that that item already exists in my pantry. Thinking particularly of adding a recipe to my shopping list and there is a mark against (eg. A Spice) an item I already have. That is without having to tap every item to see if it appears in the pantry list

  10. Eric says:

    I’ve been using the pantry feature for a couple of weeks now. Is there a way to have my shopping list show how many items are needed to reach my target quantity?

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