Price compare

Price compare feature allows you to pick items with the best price from your shopping lists. Unit price, Compare price or price per piece in package can be used for comparison. In addition to item name, Generic name can be used to match items for comparison.

Here’s example of how it works:

  1. Add an item to your shopping list, e.g. Lipton Iced Tea pack of 12, unit price $6.45. Add another item to your shopping list, e.g. Nestea Iced Tea pack of 24. unit price $9.99. Set Pack units for these records.
  2. At this point items can’t be compared because they have different names. You need to make sure that items have the same name or set same value for Generic name fields.
  3. Open first item and long-tap the Name field –> select Generic name –> enter Iced tea. Repeat the same steps for the second item.
  4. Tap the Notification portion of the Price compare row. The price compare screen shows that first item has better price: $6.45 vs. $9.99.

In the above sample items are compared by unit price. However, such comparison is not valid because first item has more cans in package. To set number of items in package:

  1. Open the first item, tap the Compare units field of the Price compare row. Choose Each. Enter 12 as Package size.
  2. Repeat the same steps for the second item, but enter 24 as Package size.
  3. Tap the Notification portion of the Price compare row.
  4. Now Price compare shows that the second item has better price per ea: $0.42 vs. $0.54.
  5. Finally, add a new item “Iced tea”, tap units field and make sure you selected Each, unit price $0.80.

Price Compare Row

There are a few areas in Price Compare Row from left to right:

  • Notification section displays price comparison summary. Tap to open listing of other comparable items.
  • Price indicator – green bubble indicates the best price, orange triangle indicates that some other item has better price.
  • Compare price shows unit price or unit price per smaller unit which is used for price compare. Tap to set Package size.
  • Compare units shows units used for price comparison between differently packaged items.

Long-tap to open a popup menu with the following commands:

  • Generic name — set generic name which is used for price compare. Same as long-tap on Name field –> Generic name.
  • Delete other items — deletes other comparable items. This is handful when you decided which item you’d like to purchase and want to get rid of other items with worse prices.


Generic name

Price compare feature matches items by name. Sometimes you may want to compare similar items of different brans or sizes such as “Nestea pack of 24″ and “Nestea pack of 12″. This is when Generic name is useful.

To change Generic name, long tap the Name field and choose Generic name.

Listing of comparable items

You can see comparable items by tapping Price Notification portion on the Price Compare Row or by tapping Link button (top-left of the screen) –> Compare prices.

Price compare scope

Items from shopping lists can be compared with items in other shopping lists only. Favorites can be compared with other Favorites.

58 Responses to Price compare

  1. Duane says:

    Hi, great product. Not sure if this has been mentioned already but I would like price compare to compare from shopping list to history, favorites, etc. Like is states above it will only compare list to list. I don’t want to put items in a list to find out if I can get it cheaper or not. Too time consuming.
    I scan an item at the store and enter a price and generic name from list, the software should tell me if I’ve purchased item before and at what store and what price.
    Also, would love to have local deals like Out of Milk has. And coupons like Grocery IQ has.

    • Alex says:

      Hi Duane, thank you for your feedback. We will improve price compare feature going forward which should allow for easier comparison. Also, we may consider adding coupons and local deals in the future.

  2. Kristin says:

    I was tying to do the price compare as described above . When I changed the compare units for one item to”each” the price compare row disappeared for that item and the other item that I was comparing, Now the price compare window lists the price for the first item as per each and the other item as per pack. When I click on the second item & edit there is no longer a price compare line. can you help with this? I am using this app on a Kindle Fire HD if that’s helpful. Thanks for your help and for creating such a great app. I enjoy using it !

    • Alex says:

      Kristin, thanks for contacting us. First, please make sure that you are using the latest version of Mighty Grocery v3.1. We have recently fixed issue similar to what you describe. If this doesn’t help, you may want to enable the following option to have Price Compare row to be visible all times: Menu > Settings > Options > Advanced > Show price compare

  3. Joe says:

    Great app!! Is it possible to make the price compare non case-sensitive? ie. an item with generic name “Paper Towels” should be compared with “paper towels” I think now it is case sensitive and the items will not compare. Thanks!

    • Alex says:

      Hi Joe, thanks for your feedback and your suggestion. We will consider making price compare case-insensitive. In the meantime the new version will allow to choose existing Generic names for easier matching.

  4. Ivonne says:

    I love, love, love Mighty Grocery! However, I, too, would love an easy way to compare prices amongst different stores.

    • Alex says:

      Ivonne, thanks for your feedback. Hopefully more reliable price data sources will be available going forward. In the meantime price comparing in Mighty Grocery requires manual input.

  5. MrB says:

    Hi again Alex

    Another use case scenario we find ourselves doing every weekend – Adding coupons to the Store Favorites List from all the flyers we get during the week.

    Currently adding a coupon, discount, expiry date, and comments requires at least 4 clicks (once you navigate to the Store Favorites, scroll to the item, and edit it). Ideally adding a coupon should be a 1 click affair (after you navigate to it) – click on the coupon field and a coupon menu should appear where you can enter all the above info at once and click done.

    Since this scenario is repeated very often since every week there are multiple discounts for each Favorite store making this process as quick and simple as possible would really improve the end-user experience.

    Thanks again for taking this into consideration!

    • Alex says:

      MrB, thanks a lot for your thoughtful feedback. Comments like yours help us make the app better. Much appreciated!

      We plan to introduce improvements to make your scenario easier in one of the upcoming releases. Hopefully the improvements will be available soon.

      Thanks again for your suggestions!

  6. MrB says:

    Hi Alex

    I’ve been using MightyGrocery appn alot now and really getting to understanding it. It’s a great appn.. Well done, well thought out. I liken MightyGrocery is to shopping what Quicken is to Home/Business Finance.

    Price comparison feature is a very handy thing to have. I’ve been creating a database of Store A, B, C, etc. Favorites of same/similar products and the Price Comparison feature works very well when i am building a grocery list from a particular store’s Favorite List where i can see a price comparison notification bubble telling me if the product is cheaper at another Favorite store.

    But a typical use case scenario i constantly find myself doing is as follows (which isn’t handled smoothly by MightyGrocery as it will involve alot of clicks, scrolling, switching, etc.):

    1)I open up the Mighty Grocery App
    2)I want to quickly add an items ie. Skim Milk to my grocery list. I always go the the master Grocery List dropdown and click on “+” button to add items to buy. (I know it searches for the product from the Pick List, rather than to each individual store Favorites to add the items)

    I do this because i want to quickly add items and close the appn and put my phone away. I don’t want to make grocery shopping an exercise involving a multiple-click affair where i have to navigate to different store Favorite Lists, scroll to the particular item, add it, then switch to another store Favorite Lists, scroll, add, switch List, scroll, add, etc. Building a grocery list should be something that one can do with a click or two)

    3) The item is added from the Pick List to the master Grocery List. It’s at this point i am wondering which store has the best price (not just for this item, but for all the other items in my master Grocery List that i added prior)

    I think it would be nice that prior to MightyGrocery adding the item from the Pick List that it goes thru each store Favorites to look for items with 1)same, or similar names, 2)with same Generic name and pop an option to let user know if they wish to add the product from a particular Store Favorite List since it has the best price comparison and adding it to that particulare Store’s List (or option to automatically add it without notifying user). If no best price can be found then the appn. proceeds as it normally would by adding the product from the Pick List into the master Grocery List. This makes intuitive sense because then it won’t matter to me where i by that product and this is illustrated by the fact that the product is listed in the master Grocery List (and therefore visible in all Store Lists as well).

    4) At the end of the week i can look at my grocery list and determine whether it’s worth making a trip to a particular Store A to buy the product(s) there and save a few bucks or just buy it at Store B where i have to do the bulk of my shopping.

    I’ve made a quite a few suggestions recently (i’m a new user). Thanks for responding and hopefully some of these suggestions you’ll agree with and want to implement. I personally don’t like shopping but since it’s something i can’t escape i’ll try to make it as process-efficient, and as cost-efficient as possible. Your app really helps alot.

    Of all the suggestions, i think this use case scenario is probably the most prevalent one i do on a day-to-day basis.

    Thanks for listening!

  7. MrB says:

    Hi again

    Another suggestion for price comparison – Functionality should still work when the comparison units are different, but there exists a conversion equivalent. IE. Price Comparison should work for 2 products with same Generic Name even if one product is in ‘lbs’, and the other is in ‘kg’, etc.

    • Alex says:

      MrB, thanks for the suggestion. We have plans on making kg-lbs price comparison automatic in the future. In the meantime you may want to use “Package size” option of the Price compare feature. E.g. if you have one of your items in kg and another in lbs and you’d like to compare in lbs, open the item measured in kg, tap “per kg” in price compare row, select Pounds (lbs) and then enter “2.2” for Package size “lb in kg”.

      Please let me know if you have any further comments or suggestions.

  8. MrB says:

    Can you functionality for user-defined list of Generic Names so that we set it for a product we can choose from a list of ones we already predefined. Sometimes i forget what the exact format/spelling of a prior Generic Name i used for a similar product and end up entering a slightly different one ie. Beef vs Ground Beef.

    Also i noticed that trailing empty spaces are incorporated in the Generic Name ie an item with a Generic Name=”Ground Beef ” (note trailing empty spaces) does not price compare with another item with a Generic Name=”Ground Beef”

  9. Michael says:


    Why are not the prices saved per store? If I change the price for one store, it affect the prise for that product globaly. The next time I add a product to the shopping list, the last price shows up no matter what store I add the product to. That renders the price compare useless in my opinion.

    If milk cost 7 kr in Store A, and 8 kr in Store B, the prices should be the same for each store the next time I add milk to that store. Now, if I change the prise to 8 kr in Store B, the next time when I add milk to Store A, it’s still 8 kr. It should be 7 kr.

  10. Evgeniy says:

    How I can compare prices at different stores? I need a field “Store”, to define where I bought that thing.

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