Mighty Grocery Shopping List: Settings

Settings screen offers the following configuration areas:


Mighty Grocery offers a bunch configuration options which allow customize application to your taste. To open Options screen, tap Menu button of your phone and choose Settings > Options.

Text size

Small / Medium / Large.

Sort options

The sort options are:

  • Group by aisles
  • Sort by name
  • Move checked items to the bottom – Configures whether items will be moved below cart separator in the bottom of the shopping list when item is checked, i.e. placed in cart.

Show checkboxes

Shows or hides checkboxes on the left of items in shopping list.

Cross out checked items

Configures whether shopping list items are crossed-out when checked, i.e. placed in cart.

Details mode

Activates or deactivates Details mode. In details mode when you add an item, Item Details activity will instantly appear to allow you change quantity/units/price without any extra clicks.

Item tap action

Configures application behavior in response to tapping in the central area of shopping list item row. Available options:

  1. None — nothing happens on single-tap.
  2. Cross out — item is placed in cart with single-tap.
  3. Edit details — Edit details screen shows up on single-tap.
  4. Long-tap cross out — i) nothing happens if item single-tapped in central area; ii) item is placed in cart if row is long-tapped; iii) popup menu shows up if item is long-tapped on the right side of the row (spot with (>) sign or with price/quantity info).

Disable screen lock

If activated, the phone screen will remain active and will not get locked when phone’s Off button is pressed. Both changes affect List and Favorites tabs.

Warning: This option should be used with caution to not allow unauthorized access to your phone.

Disable screen rotation

If activated, shopping list screen won’t change if phone is rotated. This is convenient during shopping to prevent screen from flickering.

Show Ads

Full version only: allows turning off ads in the app.

Regional settings

Tax rates

Configures a set of tax rates which can be used in Edit Item Details screen. Tax rates is a plain text field which should contain number(s) only. Use line break to add several options.

Sample: if you’d like to have three options such as i) no tax; ii) 13%; iii)7.25% use the following value for Tax rates option:


Currency formatting

Specifies formatting mask for amount field in case standard currency format is not suitable. “%” can be used as placeholder for number. Leave this option blank to use currency formatting from your phone settings.

Sample: To configure currency format as 12.34 USD use the following option value:



Advanced options

Long-tap checkout

Configures whether Checkout button requires single- or long-tap in order to move items from cart to history. Used to prevent accidental checkouts.

Show subtotal summary

If set to ON, will provide summary with subtotal such as:

Subtotal: $12.34, taxes: $0.56
Total: 4 items, $12.90

If set to OFF, will provide “Remaining” and “Cart” totals:

List: 3 items, $11.65
Cart:  4 items, $12.90

Show full comments

If set to ON, will show full item comment in shopping list. If set to OFF, only yellow mark will be shown in the upper-left corner of an item with comment.

Hide 1 each

Configures if quantity of item should be shown if it equals 1 each. If option is ON and item quantity is 1 each, it will be replaced with (>) icon.

Full screen shake

If activated, it will be possible to have more effective space in shopping list by shaking your phone. When phone is shaken, Tab bar and Toolbar are hidden thus allowing more items into the screen. Shake again to bring Tab bar and Toolbar back.

Automatic picks

If activated (default), any item added to a shopping list or history will also be added to Pick list. Therefore item can be reused next time you need to add it to a shopping list.

Auto confirm voice

If this option is Yes, then you will not be requested to confirm after you add items. Though this might be challenging since voice recognition might involve errors.
If this option is No and you add an item using voice, all other items will be hidden and you will be prompted to confirm the latest item added.

Auto confirm manual

Same as for confirming voice items, but item confirmation will be required for items added using keypad and touch screen.

Auto confirm Barcodes

If activated, scanning barcode in shopping list will add a new item without opening Edit Barcode screen.

Speech recognition

Specifies parameters for speech recognition feature such as

  • Currencies — comma-separated list of words which will be considered as currency name
  • Cents — comma-separated list of words which will be considered as indicator of fractions of price amount.
  • Articles — comma-separated list of words which will be considered as “1 ea”.
  • Prepositions — comma-separated prepositions which follow units and therefore ignored.

Speech recognition parameters can be reverted to default values with Reset option.

Send usage scenario

Sends email to Mighty Pocket Team which contains information useful for debugging application issues. Please add your description to explain what exactly needs to be fixed/improved.

Configure Pick list

Pick list configuration is available under Menu > Settings > Pick list or by clicking Gears button on Pick list screen.

For your convenience product catalog is split into following categories and you can filter by them in Side Menu > Sort and Filter:

  1. Predefined catalog – product items delivered with app or imported using standard or custom catalogs
  2. Automatic picks – product items created from shopping lists, history, etc.
  3. My picks – product items added manually.

Import product catalog (experimental)

  1. Tap Side Menu > Sort and filter > choose Predefined Catalog. This step is required so that imported items would end up in Predefined Catalog category.
  2. Tap Side Menu > Delete Presets if you would like to remove existing non-used products. Otherwise you may skip this step.
  3. Tap Side Menu > Import.
  4. Select a language for import.

Import custom product catalog (experimental)

If you choose to import Custom product catalog, you will be prompted to paste CSV-formatted text like the following



Canned Goods,Carrots,Canned
Canned Goods,Cherries,Canned

Since you don’t want to manually input text into the box, the better way is to open a file and copy its text beforehand. For instance, the file can be transferred via USB to your SD card and then opened on the phone. Or the file can be sent to your phone as an email attachment.

One of the scenarios to import custom catalog:

  1. Prepare a file with each product in a new line and formatted as Aisle,Name,Details.
  2. Give your file the .txt extension which is more likely to get opened by one of the text editing apps on your phone.
  3. Send the file as attachment via email and open the message with your email client on your phone.
  4. Open attached file with text editing app on your phone.
  5. Long-press the text and select Copy All.
  6. Open Mighty Grocery and go to Pick list –> Menu –> Import –> Custom.
  7. Long-press the text field (see illustration above)
  8. Tap Paste.
  9. Tap Save.

Full list of supported columns:

  • Aisle,Name,Details,Comments,Quantity,Units,UnitPrice,TotalPrice


Configurable measurement units to add/change/hide measurement units and provide desirable increase/decrease rate.

Go to Settings –> Units and adjust units to your needs.

If you need to reset Units configuration or populate units of different language, tap Reset and choose desired language.

Configure Tabs

Configurable tabs feature allows showing & hiding tabs in the Tab Bar on top of the screen. Go to Menu –> Settings –> Configure tabs. And set check against the tabs you want to be visible on top of your main screen.

By the way, long-tapping the Tab Bar will show the list of all available tabs, thus making it easy to navigate to any tab of the app.

141 Responses to Mighty Grocery Shopping List: Settings

  1. Marianne Shipman says:

    I Have The Full Version. Love The App. I Am Very Much A Meal Planner. Is There A Way To ADd One Day To The End? By That I Mean Company Is Coming Through Sunday, But “ThIs Week” Only Goes Thru Saturday. I Think It Would Help if We Had The Ability To Add A Day Or Scroll Ahead. Thank You For Your Consideration.

  2. Monica Hetebrink says:

    I understand that only one backup copy is kept on the cloud. Is this “at a time”? This may seem a little stupid to ask, but I have had experiences with other apps., where I assumed things and I lost valuable data. I appreciate your time in this matter.

    • Alex says:

      Monica, yes, only one backup copy is kept on cloud, i.e. only the latest backup can be restored. Not sure what you mean by “at a time”, let me know what you expect in this regard.

      Please note that the app also saves 5 latest backups on your SD card for extra safety of your data.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions or comments.

  3. colbe says:

    after I post a comment it has a check box to notify me by email, but it’s too late, I already posted it. can you move that check box before the “post comment” button?

  4. colbe says:

    when it asks if I want to backup, I’m in the middle of using the list. can’t it offer to schedule a backup for later?

    • Alex says:

      Colbe, please make sure that you are using the latest version of Mighty Grocery 3.0. The latest version should not prompt backup confirmation.

  5. p says:

    I want to import my own shopping list. Can I add fields: qty, price, Unit price and comments to the csv file?

    • Alex says:

      Hi, P. Yes, it is possible to import your own CSV file under Menu > Settings > Pick list > Side menu > Import. Please make sure your fields follow this order:

      Aisle,Name,Details,Comments,Quantity,Units,Unit price,Price

      Leave a field value blank, if you don’t want to populate it.

  6. Margaret says:

    1.Can the currency be changed to sterling(£)?
    2.Is there an option to add food expiry dates?

    • Alex says:

      Margaret, thanks for contacting us.

      1. Yes, there are two options: 1) set phone’s currency to sterlings; 2) Set Currency format parameter to “£ %” under Menu > Settings > Options > Regional settings.
      2. Not at the moment, but we plan on adding “Expiry date” field for items in Pantry lists.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions or comments.

  7. Ashley Collymore says:

    How can you add different variations of a certain item without changing the item itself or completely manually adding the variation and have to redo everything such as aisle etc. For example if I want to add golden delicious apples (not on default list) to the items list, I have to add all the properties for apples from scratch including aisle, instead of modifying it from apples so that it has already has all the other properties

    • Alex says:

      Ashley, there is a way to make different variations of an item under the List tab:
      1. Open an item you’d like to make variation from.
      2. Tap Link button (upper-left corner)
      3. Choose Unlink.
      4. Make any modifications you’d like. Make sure you change Name/Details pair. Otherwise changes will overwrite original item in the next step.
      5. Tap Link button > Link.
      6. Now your new and old versions of the item are available under Pick list.

      Please let me know if yo have any further questions or comments.

      • Ashley Collymore says:

        Thank you Alex. I just tried it and it works. I don’t understand how I didn’t see my previous post and your answer before and I recently posted the reply again and something told me to search again and I found my post. So you can ignore the subsequent post or let me know how to remove the post. Thanks again.

  8. Melanie says:

    Now for my suggestion – I am loving this app, am an extremely organised (slightly OCD lol) shopper and this app seems to have it all for me except for a pantry setting – I know this is in development, but thought any ideas might help. I have an excel sheet I use which has all my items on it (basically like the master pick list) but has columns where each item has it’s aisle location and another column for house location of high & regularly used items (about 1/3rd of my items have a house location, the other 2/3rd are blank). They are listed by physical location eg laundry, pantry, fridge etc. I sort my list so I only see the regular items in location order. I can then quickly go through the fridge for example, check which items are required against my list and load how many are required, this ensures each part of the house is checked and essential items aren’t forgotten. If anything thats not on the house location list runs out (non-regular items for me like frozen spinach) then I just find them by aisle and mark them off as well. The whole list is then resorted by aisle and printed off for when I go to the supermarket. Your favourites option gives me the ability to have my regular weekly purchases separated from the master pick list which is excellent and meets half of my needs but I would love to be able to give items a house location and be able to sort it by that as well rather than just going through the favourites list and walking back and forth around the house. Great work on an awesome app though. Have been going through each grocery app and have already tried a few but this is the only one that is simple to use, attractive and also intuitive. Great job!

  9. Melanie says:

    I have a both a question and a suggestion. I am running with the lite option and am setting up all my items. I like to note in almost each item a comment eg 200g jar and have the settings to show full comments but they all have the yellow mark showing. You have listed in your Options the following -“Show full comments -If set to ON, will show full item comment in shopping list. If set to OFF, only yellow mark will be shown in the upper-left corner of an item with comment.”. I have it set to ON but I still have the yellow mark, does this show every time a comment is loaded??? I thought it only showed if your changed it to OFF. It is kinda annoying as it is very bright and distracting as I pretty much have it against each item. Can you tell me if there is anything I can do to stop this showing?

    • Melanie says:

      Okay, well I have been reading lots of the comments today and have found the solution myself, I didn’t see the “details” line and didn’t realise I could enter down and load my info and it would show in smaller text below . This has fixed the problem. I have gone and reloaded all my comments into the details line which has then removed the yellow marker. PS only had this a day or two and already gone for full version, am very impressed with the product and your backup service already!!!

      • Alex says:

        Melanie, thank you so much for your feedback! I am glad that you could find solution for your question. As for Pantry suggestion, the good news is that Pantry Manager is coming in the next update and it will allow you to group your items by home locations. Please give it a try when it’s out there and let me know if it helped you.
        Please let me know if you have any further questions or comments.

  10. Anna says:

    Importing custom list

    After a few hours of testing I got it right.
    The problem is: “copy – paste” method always substitutes a ‘space’ character for an ‘enter’ (end of line). As long as you manualy reenter enters into the text box it will import properly.

    Format is:
    Aisle,Name,Details,Comments,Quantity,Units,Unit price,Price

    Details – anything on the second line of the name field
    Units – use any units defined in your app (localized)
    Price – use dot for delimiter (as a comma is a field separator)

    Details, Comments and Prices fields may be left empty (haven’t tested the others).

    e.g. (Polish)
    Chemia i higiena,Tabletki do zmywarki,W5 vaatwastabletten,,40,szt,0.08,3.19

    Please, pretty please add a possibility to read from a text file directly of (better yet) from a Google drive file (as Memento DB does). :)

    Best shopping list app I’ve used. Keep up the good work!

    • Alex says:

      Anna, thanks a lot for your feedback. Are you sure that spaces are actually replaced with new line characters? It may look like so, but most likely characters remain intact. We may consider importing data from other sources going forward. Thanks!

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